The world of cinema rises up on the Goya 2024 towards Vox's criticism: “Nothing subsidized” | EUROtoday

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The nominees and friends on the thirty eighth ceremony of the Goya Galawhich is well known this Saturday on the Valladolid Fair, have rejected the Vox criticism towards the sector and, as a number of of the attendees have agreed to level out, “nothing subsidized.”

This is how they’ve expressed themselves in response to the statements of the vice chairman of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardowho said the day earlier than the gala that “the seoritos “They are those who wish to make a dwelling by producing cinematographic works that nobody sees later on the expense of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of euros that Spanish taxpayers pay with nice effort.”

The Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtarsunresponded this Saturday to García-Gallardo – who attended the gala – that in the film industry “there aren’t any gents”, but rather “staff who’re a supply of pleasure for the nation”, at an event in Valladolid with the unions, before his arrival at the Goya ceremony

The film director expressed herself along the same lines upon her arrival on the Goya pink carpet. Isabel Coixet, who has emphasized that, as a “woman”, she has “nothing”. “I come from the working class, every part I’ve earned I’ve performed with my effort,” said the director who also wore a badge in favor of Gaza.

Regarding the presence of Vox, Javier Calvo has quoted the late socialist activist and politician Pedro Zerolo: “In my world you match, however I don't slot in yours.” “And that’s the place we place ourselves,” added Javier Ambrossi.

The actor has expressed himself in the same sense Enrique Auquer, for whom Vox's presence at the gala should help them stop saying that they are subsidized. “I don't take into account myself a gentleman nor backed,” added singer Xoel López in reference to these criticisms.

Meanwhile, the producer María Zamora, together with Carla Simón, has defended the presence of Vox, like that of other invited political forces. “We wouldn't greet them,” Simón added about his personal impression.

For the actor Alberto Amman“everyone seems to be free, just like the viewers, everyone seems to be free to criticize a movie, no matter they really feel like or not” although he has argued that “there’s brutal ignorance and a particular assault towards the sector.”

The director Elena Martin and actress Cludia Malagelada They have ironicized about these criticisms. “I don't know if Vox can demand many issues from anybody when it comes to defending folks's rights,” they concluded.

The actor Hugo Silva has assured that the attacks of this formation “do not need any coherence” while his partner Alex Brendemhl He has described his attendance at the gala as “incongruous”, in line with his co-star, Clara Segura, who also does not understand “a lot” the presence of Vox after “censoring” shows.

For Jose CoronadoAbascal's formation “falls because of the weight of his phrases”; Ana Torrent He has assured that Vox is going against the actors; and Ernesto Alterio and José Sacristán They have downplayed the criticism. “I’ve different issues to do. But come on, in any case, we don't have to concentrate. We don't must take it without any consideration,” Sacristán concluded.

On the contrary, the entire 'Robot Dreams' team has been in favor of Vox's assistance in order for them to begin to “get to know them a bit of higher and alter their minds.” “Every politician has their opinion,” they have indicated. Marine Arena Gmez and her husband.

The guitarist and lyricist of the band Vetusta Morla, Guille Galván, has also referred to Vox by stating that they come “as an institutional operate and we come to have a good time and defend what’s ours.”

“Political events are fairly backed too,” he ironized, like Estopa, who have joked about Vox's presence at the gala. “If they’ve come it’s as a result of they want it. It is silly to criticize cinema, they might have modified their minds,” they mentioned.