EU in opposition to Trump: foolish concepts about NATO. Biden's warning: «Dangerous phrases» | EUROtoday

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The Kremlin's no remark, already comfortable to have introduced dwelling the wink of the (possible) subsequent Republican candidate for the White House. And the indignant remark from diplomacy and EU establishments, which aren’t used to sudden adjustments of course. particularly on the transatlantic alliance entrance. These are the reactions of Russia and Europe to the most recent shock stance of Donald Trump, who in a current rally in Conway, South Carolina, stated he was able to “encourage” states like Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” of NATO international locations that don’t respect their monetary commitments, relaunching his marketing campaign in opposition to allies reluctant to extend their protection contribution to 2% of GDP.

Russia on the window, Europe on the shields

“I am still Putin's press secretary, not Trump's,” the Kremlin spokesman restricted himself to saying. Dmitri Peskov, in keeping with Tass, within the aftermath of Trump's exit. “Let's be serious: NATO cannot be an alliance à la carte: either it exists or it doesn't exist. I'm not going to spend my time commenting on every silly idea that comes out during this election campaign in the US.” instead he attacked the EU High Representative Joseph Borrell, on the sidelines of the informal Development Council in Brussels, commenting on the words of the former US president. “Let me be sarcastic,” she added, “during this election campaign we will hear many things said. But let's be serious: NATO cannot be an à la carte alliance, an alliance that works according to the mood of the president of the United States: one day yes, the other no, it depends on who you are…come on, we are serious.”

Trump said “I will encourage Russia to act against those who do not pay NATO”

Biden alarmed: “frightening and dangerous” words

Even the president of the United States, Joe Biden attacked the former president. calling the remarks “appalling and dangerous.” warning US voters that Trump's second time period would destroy American relations overseas and embolden the nation's enemies. “If my opponent, Donald Trump, manages to regain power, it will be as clear as day that he will abandon our NATO allies if Russia attacks and allows Russia to 'do whatever it wants' with them,” he defined in an interview. “Serving as commander in chief is the ultimate responsibility and should weigh heavily on the people who hold this position,” he continued. “Donald Trump's admission that he wants to give Putin the green light for further war and violence, to continue his brutal attack on a free Ukraine and extend his aggression to the people of Poland and the Baltic states is appalling and dangerous.” . Republican rival Nikki Haley additionally criticized Trump for his feedback, warning the previous president to not “take the side of a thug,” referring to Putin. Haley added that, if elected president, she would “absolutely” stand with NATO.