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Pontón (BNG): “The PP is nervous, it lurches; “If there is mobilization, he will go to the opposition”

The BNG candidate for the Xunta de Galicia, Ana Pontón, has been optimistic a few change within the Galician Government, if a excessive participation is recorded in Sunday's elections. “The majority wants a change, so if everyone participates, the PP will go to the opposition,” she predicted, additionally contemplating it key to keep away from the “fragmentation” of the vote and for it to focus on the BNG. “We see an exhaustion of the PP because they leave Galicia worse,” she emphasised.
Pontón has assured that the 15 years of common governments in Galicia have resulted in “a loss of 100,000 inhabitants, loss of employment in the main sectors, deteriorated public services, with the most saturated primary care in Spain.” “We see exhaustion with the PP Government, with tremendous enthusiasm around the BNG project,” he mentioned.
For this motive, he estimates that there are two keys to Sunday's elections. “First, mobilization. The majority wants change, if everyone participates, the PP will go to the opposition. And then, the fragmentation: there is division into the left and the right. I am convinced that if there is concentration [en la izquierda] around BNG, the change will be unstoppable.” “The PP is nervous, lurching, it has already pressed the panic button,” he mentioned, within the face of polls that replicate a chance of shedding the Xunta.
He has criticized the PP candidate, Alfonso Rueda, and his refusal to take part in debates [salvo el de la televisión autonómica], mentioning that “he is fleeing from the debates”, which he considers “a lack of respect for citizens.” “At this stage of the campaign, the PP is trying to hide its candidate, it does not dare to contrast ideas,” he mentioned. Furthermore, he has criticized that, till this weekend, the favored candidate “was more comfortable talking about the amnesty than about waiting lists in Galician healthcare, about Puigdemont than about emigration. It is a failed strategy, importing the Madrid battles, in a campaign designed from [la sede nacional del PP, en la calle] Genoa.”
Regarding Alberto Núñez Feijóo's activate a potential pardon for the previous Catalan president, he said that he’s not stunned as a result of “Feijóo has been saying one thing and the opposite for 15 years in Galicia, sometimes in the same sentence.” “The PP makes lies and manipulation its way of doing politics and when it is in opposition its strategy is to provoke and divide,” he mentioned.