Milei: the State is a legal affiliation, communism a illness of the soul | EUROtoday

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Javier Milei reiterates his anti-State ideas additionally throughout his go to to Rome. «Philosophically I’m an anarcho-capitalist and due to this fact I really feel a profound contempt for the State. I consider that the State is the enemy, I believe that the State is a legal affiliation”, said the president of Argentina in an interview which will be broadcast this evening on Retequattro. Milei is in Rome to meet the Pope, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

«The State and a criminal association»

“In fact, the State is a criminal association in which a group of politicians come together and decide to use the monopoly to steal the resources of the private sector,” he says in the interview on the “Fourth Republic” program. «The state's method is to steal. Every time you go to buy something in a place, the state steals from you through taxes; therefore, the State steals from you every day”, continues the Argentine president. «The State has the facility to arrest folks whereas politicians don’t see penalties, they don’t see their powers at stake. But on this I spotted that the one technique to enter the system is to dynamite the system”, he says.

«Communism disease of the soul»

I originally thought that communism «was a mental problem», because «pure socialism was defeated by economic theory and I first thought that it was a problem of nature, of a mental nature. But, then, I realized that it was something much worse, that it was a disease of the soul. When socialism was applied well, they murdered more than 6 million human beings.” Responding to a remark from the host that “communists no longer exist”, the Argentine chief said: “Oh, they don't exist? There are many socialists who want to achieve this in the long term. They are cowardly communists.”