The Police will denounce Lola Guzmán, the chief of the 6F agrarian platform who wished that ETA had killed extra brokers | EUROtoday

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The National Police report for an alleged hate crime towards Lola Guzmnchief of the 6F Platform, which is organizing the agricultural demonstrations, for wishing that the terrorist group ETA had killed extra cops: “ETA killed a few of you, sons of bitches,” he got here to say shortly after the brokers charged on Saturday towards a number of of the protesters on Saturday, concentrated subsequent to the Metropolitan stadium in Madrid, who tried to chop off the M-40.

The authorized companies of the Madrid Police Headquarters put together a criticism earlier than the Fiscal contemplating that these expressions could represent a hate crime, as confirmed by police sources. The police intervention was carried out by brokers from the Police Intervention Unit (anti-riot).

In the midst of this local weather of pressure, the previous Vox militant addressed the brokers with expressions comparable to: “Criminals, if you raise your baton against a Spaniard you are going to face trouble. ETA killed a few of you, sons of bitches,” Guzman snapped.

Some of her classmates tried to get her to cease her demonstrations, however she, visibly tense, identified: “I can say whatever I want.”

At one other time throughout the rally, he additionally addressed the Police, accusing them of being “traitors”, as will be seen in quite a few movies which have circulated on social media this weekend.

“Coming here, without a helmet and without a baton if you have balls, scoundrels, hitting Spaniards, farmers and ranchers for defending themselves, you are criminals, shitty sellouts… Marlaska“You're going to pay for it.” He then accused them of organizing an “ambush” against the protesters in addition to denouncing that “we’ve got all of the telephones tapped.”

“Cowards, you confronted a lady who has extra balls than you, who go in packs, like wolves.” “With the menas you had no balls, bastards.”

During that demonstration, called by Platform 6F, the National Platform for the Defense of Transport, which groups autonomous transporters, ratified in a show of hands its decision to begin an indefinite strike and thus join the agricultural sector in its demands.