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Tory MPs have backed requires a “buy British” button on grocery store web sites to help native farmers.

Duncan Baker and Alicia Kearns stated the transfer will assist “inform and empower” customers to make sustainable selections.

The Conservative Environment Network (CEN) of inexperienced Tory MPs has made the ask in its farming manifesto launched forward of the overall election later this 12 months.

Ms Kearns stated: “Farmers everyday go above and beyond to provide high quality food for us to enjoy, whilst also supporting rural economies and being guardians of the vast majority of Britain’s natural world.

“It is why British consumers always want to support British farmers through buying local, sustainable produce.

“That is why I welcome this manifesto’s recommendations not only to support sustainable farming practices, but also to empower consumers to buy more British food.

“Encouraging supermarkets to add a ‘Buy British’ button as well as clearly labelling the country of origin of produce online are sensible, conservative measures which will help consumers make more sustainable buying decisions and support our farmers.”

Mr Baker described how the unlawful Russian invasion of Ukraine has heightened our consciousness of the significance of meals safety.

He stated: “I’m pleased to support CEN’s manifesto therefore, which recognises farmers’ essential role as food producers and sets out policies to ensure they are rewarded fairly by the market for what they produce.

“The manifesto’s recommendations to add a ‘Buy British’ label to supermarkets’ websites and ensure country of origin is clearly labelled on produce are especially welcome. I believe that agriculture is the backbone of North Norfolk’s economy and culture.

“I am pleased that this will help empower and inform consumers, who naturally want to support British farmers and buy more locally, sustainably produced food.”

Over 100 MPs beforehand signed a letter urging supermarkets to create “Buy British” sections on their on-line outlets.

CEN stated ongoing protests throughout Europe present the significance of working with farmers, not in opposition to them.

Jordan Lee, nature programme supervisor at CEN, stated: “Farmers keep the nation fed and look after our green and pleasant land. It is impossible to imagine our rural economies and communities without them. Conservatives have always understood this.

“We must not forget it now, as we rightly aim to strengthen food security and improve sustainability in the sector.

“Outside of the EU, the UK is well-placed to support farmers on the road to net zero and avoid similar disruption. In this general election year, the government should look to seize this opportunity, secure the future of farming and the natural environment, and win over rural communities.

“Ploughing Ahead is an ambitious, conservative plan to do just this through strengthening farmers’ finances, building fairer food markets, cutting planning red tape to help farmers go green, and boosting British agritech.”