“Roca Rey prefers not to fight with Daniel Luque,” in response to the supervisor of the Maestranza | EUROtoday

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The bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey “prefers not to fight with Daniel Luque”, as defined this Monday by the supervisor of the Maestranza bullring in Seville, Ramón Valencia, on the presentation of the Sevillian bullfighting season. Valencia has detailed the ins and outs of this season's negotiations, emphasizing the impossibility of bringing collectively Roca Rey and Luque on the identical poster.

“We want to give satisfaction to the fans but we cannot get into the particular affairs of certain bullfighters,” stated Ramón Valencia, who assured that they’ve tried “absolutely everything from the first moment, including the great movement that there was at the beginning with Domingo of Resurrection” date on which they had been betting on the presence of Daniel Luque.

The supervisor of the corporate Pagés, supervisor of the Sevillian enviornment, has opted for “a logical and normal reconciliation that will depend exclusively on them”, in reference to each right-handers, and has admitted that Roca's seizure staff had made it clear to him that ” “I most well-liked to not combat with Luque.”

The manager of the master arena also referred to the absence of the Valencian bullfighter Enrique Ponce, that he will not set foot in the Plaza de la Maestranza in the year of his goodbye.

“We knew that the season was going to start out later and I referred to as their representatives to suggest the San Miguel Fair; there was speak of three days however it couldn't be on Saturday as a result of that they had Madrid signed,” declared the businessman.

He explained that it was put on the table on Friday or Sunday of the autumn cycle and the representatives, Juan Ruiz father and son, raised the possibility to the Valencian bullfighter, who ended up declining the offer due to the proximity of that Madrid commitment. In addition, Pagés' manager has indicated that he even offered the possibility of mounting a fourth bullfight on Thursday “in order that he would have a day of relaxation however ultimately he didn’t see it.”