Ferda Ataman criticizes Germany's dealing with of the survivors of the Hanau assault | EUROtoday

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Anti-discrimination officer
“Germany has failed so far”: Ataman criticizes the remedy of the survivors of the Hanau assault

The federal anti-discrimination commissioner, Ferda Ataman, sharply criticizes the treatment of Hanau's survivors

The federal anti-discrimination commissioner, Ferda Ataman, sharply criticizes the remedy of Hanau's survivors

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Monday marks the fourth anniversary of the assault in Hanau. Ferda Ataman, federal anti-discrimination commissioner, sharply criticizes the federal government's dealing with of the kin of the 9 victims to date.

On the fourth anniversary of the racist assault in Hanau, the federal anti-discrimination commissioner, Ferda Ataman, made severe accusations about Germany's remedy of survivors and people affected. “The state and authorities in our country have a duty to draw conclusions after an attack like the one in Hanau so that such acts do not happen again,” mentioned Ataman of the Funke media group. “Unfortunately, one has to say: Germany has failed in this regard so far.”

In Hanau on February 19, 2020, a 43-year-old German shot 9 folks for racist motives. He then killed his mom and himself.

Left alone and harassed

According to Ataman, lots of these affected and kin of the assault really feel left alone by the state and authorities. There remains to be no official apology from the Hessian Interior Minister for documented police errors. There isn’t any memorial for the victims within the central market sq.. Relatives are nonetheless being harassed by the perpetrator's father.

She is especially dissatisfied that the Democracy Promotion Act – “a central instrument for preventing extremism” – is being delayed. “It's a disgrace that the FDP is blocking it and calling it a supposedly left-wing ideological project.”

The Democracy Promotion Act is meant to supply golf equipment and organizations that work to strengthen democracy and stop extremism with a greater monetary foundation.

Ataman additionally identified the connection between anti-migrant debates and racism. “You can have critical migration debates without making Muslims and migrants scapegoats for the problems in the country. Nevertheless, that's exactly what happens again and again.”