Is the New York Times too good to Donald Trump? | EUROtoday

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EOne of the candidates for the American presidency is previous, typically makes guarantees and forgets some issues. The different candidate is previous, the defendant in a number of court docket instances, has incited unrest and want to turn into a dictator. Versions of this comparability of Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been making the rounds on the Internet for a couple of days. The criticism is directed at what number of media retailers cope with Biden's age. After particular counsel Robert Hur's report described Biden's patchy recollections, there have been numerous articles concerning the president's psychological health. Instead of specializing in Trump's misdeeds and his plans for a potential second time period, journalists have actually zeroed in on Biden's age, critics say – simply as they did on Hillary Clinton's emails on the non-public server throughout the 2016 election marketing campaign. The “New York Times” specifically attracted plenty of anger then and now. Author Rebecca Solnit, for instance, introduced on X that she had canceled her “Times” subscription.

She now not desires to help a newspaper that “raves into raptures about a clown who wants to be a dictator,” stated Solnit. A “Times” article by Rebecca Davis O'Brien stated that the ravages of time most likely don't trouble Trump as a lot as Biden did. “He is heavy and tall, and he uses his physicality to demonstrate strength to the crowd,” the creator wrote. The proven fact that Trump stays on stage for hours, dancing and making speeches speaks for his endurance. Solnit wrote that concurrently such flattering texts, Biden's age was being picked on. Democracy is at stake. She will miss the recipes within the “Times” to any extent further.