Rouss, the Navarrese with two Latin Grammys who publishes a eulogy to his mom: “With each song I spent a day crying” | EUROtoday

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Not even his personal Pablo Rouss (Pamplona, ​​1994) is aware of how you can clarify very effectively how a Navarrese boy who began taking part in in punk rock bands has ended up profitable two Latin Grammys and being a part of the jury for Operacin Triunfo 2023.

“That's what has been emerging,” he says, laughing. “I think the most beautiful thing about music is not premeditating anything. And that's one of the problems I may have right now. I suffer more anxiety and stress because I have more expectations,” he provides.

He arrives for the interview straight from Barcelona after his weekly journey to document the musical expertise present galas. Without resting, I’ll spend a number of days in Madrid selling Asymptomatic', his second studio album. An intimate pop album devoted to his deceased mom two and a half years in the past.

“I haven't addressed it for a long time. I've always been a very positive person because she always has been, and for me the way to cope with something was to downplay it. But it's a double-edged sword. Problems should not be downplayed but rather given what they have. And this one has a lot“, he’s sincere. “I didn't know I had all that stored inside, but every song I wrote meant I spent a whole day crying,” he explains.

The work, made up of ten songs, seeks to settle accounts with all these emotions that I didn’t perceive and determined to place apart. With what he didn't do after which he blamed himself when his work world was at its finest whereas he suffered such a big loss.

“I found myself working like an animal from Monday to Sunday 14 hours a day after coming from the time of Covid and so on, having been three years without being able to go see my mother. So It has been a way of healing me. To remove my guilt and understand that life is like that and you don't have to think about it. There's no point in thinking about it if it can't be reversed,” she says.

He is conscious that “perhaps it is not the most mainstream” that I can publish. Especially at a time the place it has a showcase by being a part of a contest with so many loyal audiences. But he’s positive that the individuals who join together with his work “will do so in a very profound way because the death of a loved one is a taboo subject that we often do not know how to express.”

His path to get right here could possibly be that of any artist. He started as a toddler taking part in by ear a guitar that that they had at house and that his father at all times introduced out at gatherings with pals. Later, he turned focused on melodies and explored sounds on his personal till he began a band with a number of colleagues. “Pop-rock and American emo style,” he notes.

It is no longer fashionable to join a group and tour Spain with your 1,200 euro V40 and blow it up, doing miles to play in front of 20 people in Alicante. But with that I was very happy,” he smiles, remembering that point.

The turning level would come, exactly, throughout a type of exhibits when he was 19 years outdated. “At a concert They threw a firecracker that exploded when it hit the guitar and started to burn. I had a third degree burn on my hand and spent two years recovering.. It was during that break when I realized that I didn't want to continue with this as a hobby while I studied Graphic Design. I needed to focus on the music. So I left my degree and set up a studio with Garci, my partner at the time, who was the guitarist of a well-known metal band in Pamplona,” he says.

He is sincere when he confesses that selecting manufacturing as an alternative of launching his profession as a vocalist was a selection motivated by lack of success. “We are not going to deceive ourselves, when you are in the underground and you have been breaking stones for many years, there comes a time when you get tired. “You need to develop into an expert nevertheless it's exhausting for you and also you begin to lose your want,” she says.

Interview Rouss EL MUNDO

Later he would have the opportunity to move to Madrid to work alongside Alex Cappa, owner of Metropol Studios, with metal and rock artists. “After three years engaged on a thousand tasks of that sort I noticed that there was a restrict and transferring to pop was precisely the identical. I’ve at all times been involved about connecting with the artists and never the yosmo of 'look: I’ve this, that, and that. You need it?'”.

During his time as a producer he has worked with Lola IgoWalls, Beln Aguilera or David Bisbal achieving 11 gold and 14 platinum records. But the big moment came with the two Latin Grammys for Red high heelshis work with the Colombian Sebastien Travel. A song that came to you on the rebound.

I had been with Sebas and Lola about two or three weeks earlier than in a research session the place a tune that we had been with got here out on fireplace however ultimately it didn't work out. One day I used to be rehearsing with Recycled J, I noticed Sebas passing by after which I wrote to him to say good day. We had been speaking and he informed me that he was engaged on a tune with Mauricio de Andrs and he requested me if he needed to hitch me. I by no means carry the pc and I had it simply that day. So I signed up,” he says.

“That's why I at all times say that the facility of individuals is far more essential than the facility of expertise. “I would never have been in that session if I hadn't had a good time with Sebas and the rest of the team before,” he says.

In any case, he ensures that he regularly fights in opposition to expectations of ambition and success. “It is very difficult for me to live in the present assimilating all the things that have happened to me in such a short time”, says. “That's why the only goal I have in life is to be happy and continue having the same dream. It's the most complicated goal, but the only one I keep in mind,” she concludes.