Alfonso Rueda, the triumph of normality of the biker baron who might deal with all “the pressures” | EUROtoday

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Alfonso Rueda is a relaxed man, past the standard politics or cinematic phrase video games. When the marketing campaign went towards him, with a whirlwind of damaging info for the PP, he turned the assist for calm for the PP. PPdeG. He has been very calm your complete time, his staff says. Pressure and messages of all types got here to him daily, each from exterior and inside his celebration. But he prevented them like Don Tancredo the gaafones. It's not that he has elephant pores and skin like Merkel instructed his pal Rajoy, however within the get collectively Its cachaça is famous.

Born in Pontevedra In 1968, Alfonso Rueda went from being the everlasting variety of of Alberto Nez Feijo to deploy his personal profile with out fanfare, beneath the radar of the controversies and conscious that his political wealth was pending endorsement by the Galicians on the polls. Little by little, he has been clearing a distinguishable assortment. His maxim has been to shore up the inertia obtained and grease the highly effective “electoral machinery of the PPdeG. Not to change what works… for now.

A PPdeG official who knows him well explains it like this: In May 2022, when he succeeded Feijo as president of the Xunta de Galicia, he was taking over the baton of a Government of which he was vice president and, therefore, could not make a great amendment. He didn't even want to. But now, after his resounding victory at the polls, he is expected to imprint his own style and gradually settle the change. He is going to boost his own profile, as he has done so far, but more, add to his team.

Biker and cyclist, on a personal level his maxim is the same as that of Salvador Dal: Everything modifies me, but nothing changes me. It is what the popular Galicians have called it the Rueda style, which consists of not doing anything that he did not do when he was not president, and continuing to do what he did before becoming president. The difficult normality of today's politicians is a bit like the difficult ease of the bullfighters of yesteryear. It was Rueda, by the way, who pushed Feijo to make the bullrings a campaign fortress. Above all, that of Pontevedra.

The 'Rueda style': “Not doing something I didn't do after I wasn't president”

In addition to Rajoy, with whom he can be seen walking briskly through Pontevedra on the morning of the first day of each year, two of his best friends in politics are the mayors with whom he worked the most as local secretary: Jos Manuel Cores Toursof Changedy Tsar Meraof A Caiza.

It was precisely at the local level where Rueda cured his political career. Local Administration Official, with national qualification and higher category, he was also Secretary of Cervantesand intervening secretary of the Commonwealth of The Paradanta. That was a great school of politics, they affect their environment.

It will enhance its own profile, as until now, but more

The first professional responsibility he held in the field of the Autonomous Administration was that of head of the cabinet of the Minister of Justice, Interior and Labor Relations. In 2000 he was appointed general director of Local Administration of the Xunta de Galicia, a position he held until, in 2006, he was elected general secretary of the Popular Party of Galicia. In 2009 he debuted as a member of the Galician Parliament after running in the regional elections as a candidate for the province of Pontevedra. In March of that same year, he was appointed advisor to the Presidency, Public Administrations and Justice. Since then, he remained in the regional government.

In December 2012, he renewed his position as head of the same department and was named regional vice president. On May 14, 2022, he took office as president of the Xunta de Galicia.

His extensive career in the Xunta has given him great knowledge of how the autonomous administration works, they add. It is something that they always boast of in the PP: As an expert in Public Administration, he was capable of anticipating problems that other parties did not see. His specialty is the workings of the Xunta: almost no one knows it like he does, they add.

Now you’ve gotten one other 4 years to specialize much more.