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Léon Deffontaines, head of the French Communist Party list for the European elections, at the party headquarters in Paris, January 10, 2024.

” Why him ? He knows France, he is young…”and then “we have the same nose, him and I”. In September 2023, in the middle of the Feast of Humanity, this is how Fabien Roussel presented Léon Deffontaines, 27 years old, head of the communist list in the European elections. In front of the European deputy Marie Toussaint, head of the list of environmentalists in the elections of June 9, a little speechless in front of this duo determined to castigate the “disconnected ecologists”. As if the young Amiens, former secretary general of the Communist Youth, had the advantage of serving as a double for the number one of the French Communist Party (PCF).

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On the leaflets launched since the formalization of his candidacy, the two men are almost on the same level. Léon Deffontaines assumes this: “Fabien told me: I want to throw all my weight into the campaign. » “The idea is to put myself completely in his wheel”he adds, specifying that he asked the former presidential candidate to come to most of his public meetings.

While the national secretary of the PCF continues to deliver morning shows and punchlines, Léon Deffontaines tries as best he can to convey campaign messages. The first, in November, aimed “the abolition of prostitution in France and Europe”. A choice far from trivial, because the subject divides the left and feminists, between “abolitionists” and support of “sex workers”. On many issues, the leadership of the PCF assumes division with the rest of the left. In the middle of COP28, Léon Deffontaines went to an open-air coal mine in Germany to denounce an environmental scandal presented as the inevitable consequence of the German nuclear phase-out, then he went alongside the workers of the nuclear power plant in Golfech (Tarn-et-Garonne).

He who hears touching the “France of no” in the 2005 European referendum and promises to ” regain management “ in France and in Europe is also opposed to any enlargement of the European Union, and in particular to Ukraine, where the minimum wage, he recalls, is 150 euros. “Enlargement will worsen social dumping which has already brought a fifth of Europeans below the poverty line”, he pleads. On February 3, he was received with Fabien Roussel at Matignon to request emergency measures so that “work pays”.

Image of ordinary young man

In his marketing campaign clip, the younger man emphasizes his origins from Amiens, a psychologist mom, a father who was a long-time florist. Unlike Emmanuel Macron and François Ruffin, whose marketing campaign he campaigned for the 2017 legislative elections (on the time, the latter had a communist as his substitute), Léon Deffontaines didn’t go to the non-public Catholic highschool of Providence, in Amiens. At 18, he was head of the Lutte Ouvrière record within the metropolis's municipal elections. Permanent member of the PCF from 2018, he determined to make his picture of an peculiar younger man some extent of assist, in keeping with the media technique of Fabien Roussel, who believes he has the ear of France within the cities, removed from metropolises.

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