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“It's a grievance like a cathedral,” says David Morales, aggravated. At 56 years previous, this Madrid lawyer is already serious about retiring, however in terms of calculating the pension he would have in just a few years — “I'm very far-sighted,” he admits — he has realized that there’s a time frame with out contributions that he didn’t find out about, and that threatens to chop his profit: the 12 months of navy service that he carried out in 1988 on the Army Headquarters in Madrid. At that point, the State didn’t contribute something for him to Social Security, in order that yr has develop into a niche—as technically specified—in his contributions. “It seems nonsense to me,” he laments.

David's scenario is similar as that of many individuals who for years had been chosen to serve within the navy earlier than it was now not necessary in December 2001, and who at this time are a part of the generations which are near retirement. This is just not a discriminatory scenario in fact, since this gap in contributions is included as such by Social Security. “Periods of military service or substitute social benefit are only counted towards reaching the specific contribution period in the case of early, voluntary or involuntary retirement and with a maximum limit of one year,” the rule states.

That is, this most of twelve months can be utilized to finish the time frame essential to entry these two retirement classes – which is 35 years and 33 years of contributions, respectively – however to not calculate the quantity finish of pension. And to that is added one other nuance: within the case of peculiar retirement, the navy time wouldn’t even serve to succeed in the ready interval—36 years and 6 months to be entitled to 100% of the pension—.

Mónica García, head of the Labor space of ​​MLT Asesores, explains that to accredit the time of navy service, the very first thing the individual should do is, “if they do not have the military record, request a provincial Defense Subdelegation for a certificate of completion of military service or female social service.” Once you might have obtained “either the booklet or the certificate”, it’s essential to incorporate this documentation into the early retirement utility submitted to the INSS “so that they take that time into account (maximum 1 year) in the calculations.”

Mandatory parenthesis

“The situation is crazy. It is a debt that the State owes us, because we were forced to do it. If you refused, the military police would come to your house and forcibly take you away,” says Morales. He had deliberate to retire early, however upon discovering this circumstance, he’s reconsidering persevering with to work longer to entry the complete profit.

The similar factor occurs to Enrique Orduña. “I am 60 years old, and if the 12 months I spent in the military counted for me, I could retire at 65. But now I face a penalty that seems unfair to me, because no one is going to contribute that time for me,” he acknowledges. Orduña did his navy service in Huesca (Aragón), within the Artillery barracks, however his contribution gaps transcend the twelve months that he remained there. “People think that the military lasts a year, but, for practical purposes, it is longer,” he concedes. “I was asking for permits to finish the race, and when I ran out I had to wait a month until the result of the draw came out. And then, once I finished my military service, it took me a while to find a job because in that year of hiatus you become outdated and lose all the contacts you had before,” he factors out. “It took me three months to get a job, so, in total, I lost a year and four months of contributions,” laments this Telecommunications engineer.

“It is an injustice,” provides Carlos de Pablo. This 57-year-old engineer, who was a conscientious objector and did 13 months of social companies at Barcelona City Council, has made the choice to retire early though he’s conscious that his pension might be reduce because of the penalties. “I will accept the current conditions I have, but if in the next few years I get this approved, I hope it will benefit me,” he warns.


The correction of those gaps was contemplated in Law 27/2011 promoted greater than a decade in the past by the socialist Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. “The Government will present, within a period of one year, a bill that establishes a compensation system for Social Security so that it can recognize, in favor of interested persons, a period of assimilation of the time of compulsory military service. or substitute social benefit that compensates for the interruption of contribution careers caused by such circumstances,” it said in its twenty-eighth extra provision. However, this venture was by no means outlined, and since then its presentation has been postponed as much as eight occasions.

Screenshot of Law 27/2011
Screenshot of Law 27/2011

Sources from the Ministry of Social Security acknowledge that it’s not a part of their plans to hold out this equalization all through the legislature, they usually allude to the “increase in the gender gap” that doing so would entail. “Our objective is to reduce it, and with this the difference between the average pension of men and women would widen even more,” they specify.

David Morales has despatched a doc to all political teams, besides Vox, explaining this case, and denouncing the “debt” that the State maintains with all of the individuals who, like him, fulfilled their navy obligation—which, beginning in 1980, had been some 200,000 recruits per yr—and assures that to date he has not obtained any response on this regard. Furthermore, in his opinion, an assimilation similar to what he calls for has simply occurred, with the current recognition of the contribution time of unpaid interns—those that do obtain a wage have been doing so since 2011. “Let it not look like we’re towards this progress. Their proper has been acknowledged and it appears good to me. It's simply that I would really like the group of us who’ve served within the navy to even be taken into consideration,” says De Pablo.

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