Navalny's widow calls on Russians to battle the Kremlin and proceed his legacy | EUROtoday

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The widow of Russian opposition chief Alexei Navalny stated right now that she would proceed her husband's battle for a free Russia and known as on her supporters to battle President Vladimir Putin with extra fury than ever.

Navalny's demise deprives the disparate Russian opposition of its most charismatic and brave chief, whereas Putin prepares for elections that may preserve him in energy a minimum of till 2030.

In an offended nine-minute video message, Yulia, 47, stated Putin had killed her husband and, in doing so, disadvantaged her of a husband and her two kids of a father.

But she said that the one response to such against the law was to proceed her late husband's battle for a free and affluent Russia. The Russians, she stated, wished to dwell in another way, regardless that there appeared little hope.

“I want to live in a free Russia, I want to build a free Russia,” Navalnaya stated within the video message titled “Continuing the work of Alexei Navalny.”

“As quick as the pongis beside me”, he added. “I ask you to share the rage with me. Rage, anger, hatred towards those who dared to kill our future.”

Yulia accused Russian authorities of hiding Navalny's physique and ready for the stays of the Novichok nerve agent to vanish from his physique.

“Vladimir Putin killed my husband”, stated. “By killing Alexei, Putin killed half of me: half of my heart and half of my soul.”

“But I still have the other half, and that tells me I have no right to give up. “Continue the work of Alexei Navalny, proceed preventing for our nation.”.

The Kremlin has denied involvement in his death and says Western claims that Putin was responsible for the death are unacceptable. Putin has warned that there will be a strong response if foreign powers try to interfere in the Russian elections.

Navalny, 47, fell unconscious and died suddenly on Friday after a walk through the Polar Wolf penal colony in the Arctic, where he was serving a three-decade sentence, according to the prison service.

The Kremlin stated on Monday that the investigation into his demise was ongoing.