Page calls for from Sánchez “a deep reflection” to “avoid a cyclone that destroys” the PSOE | EUROtoday

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In his regular type of talking with out arguments, the president of Castilla-La Mancha and the one baron of the PSOE who governs with an absolute majority has referred this Monday to the outcomes of his celebration in Galicia as a part of “a very difficult, very adverse cycle.” and really hostile” that began in 2020, already with Pedro Sánchez in front of Ferraz's dome, and which he said “ought to provoke deep reflection.” “Only by reflecting and rectifying some elements can we forestall a cycle from changing into a cyclone that destroys rather more than we’ve got deliberate and deliberate,” he warned. Emiliano Garca-Page.

During an event in Ciudad Real, the territorial leader pointed out that “the product of those elections was regional, however the stew was nationwide”, which is why he considered it “essential” that internal “conclusions” be obtained and, “as well as , from seriousness”: “If the PP in Galicia, [Alfonso] Rueda, wouldn’t have obtained an absolute majority in the present day. What we had been speaking about is the nationwide, not Galician, penalties of the occasion, of the start of decadence. That's proper, isn't it? Nobody disputes it. If the other occurs, the results, or no less than a part of the reflection, should be coherently nationwide as effectively.”

Page, one of the most critical voices with the transfers of Snchez to the pro-independence parties, he pointed out that “clearly” the appointment with the polls in Galicia has had an “autonomous part”, but he has insisted on the general reading of the results that Ferraz now avoids because, he said, he has the ” benefit” that he does not read arguments and can say what he thinks. “Winning a critical election is governing whereas with the ability to do what you’ve promised. If not, I’d not have referred to as it successful,” he added in implicit allusion to the pacts of the PSOE with ERC and Junts to, amongst different measures, promote a Law of Amnesty for these prosecuted for 1-O.

In Castilla y León, the general secretary of the socialists, Luis Tudanca, has stated that Sunday's results are “inexcusably dangerous” and has also called for internal “reflection.” “In any case, since I’m a type of who imagine that the land is for many who work it, now what we’ve got to do in Galicia is to work for 4 years from the territory,” added someone who has been the candidate up to three times. from the party to the Junta in his community, where he leads the opposition.

The general secretary of the party in Aragón has referred, in turn, to the 18-F scrutiny through his X account. “As a democrat, I congratulate Alfonso Rueda for his victory. As a socialist, I’m very sorry for the poor results of the PSOE and I deeply remorse the advance of Galician sovereigntist nationalism. These are two horrible information for Spain,” he wrote Javier Lambnalso very critical of the concessions to the independence and sovereignty formations.

Not even from the Asturian PSOE that directs Adrin Barbn nor from the Navarrese who leads Mara Chivite has spoken about the verdict of this Sunday's polls. Both regional presidents – the only ones apart from García-Page who retains the party – had requested at the end of the campaign the vote for José Ramn Gmez Besteiro through messages spread on their social networks.

Valencia avoids extrapolating

In the Valencian PSOE, already with the leadership of the minister Diana Morant but with the structures yet to be renewed, they avoid extrapolating the results while still admitting that the socialists were no longer “a helpful different” for the Galicians, a space occupied by the BNG.

“The Galician PSOE is now not the primary different pressure. There was a helpful vote,” admitted the Secretary of Organization and spokesperson in the Cortes, Jose Muazwhich considers the harsh defeat as “an anticipated end result if we take a look at historical past, as a result of the PP has been governing in Galicia for nearly 40 years.”

The Valencian socialists strive to ensure that this defeat is not seen as a punishment for Pedro Sánchez's policies. “If the outcomes are extrapolated, we will even have to take action with the Basques and Catalans, by which the PP strikes between 4% and 6% of the vote, and it doesn’t appear like it is going to enhance. So, they should contemplate Feijo's management?” Muoz noted.

The weakness shown by socialism in Galicia does not have to be reflected in other territories as long as the discourse closest to the social reality of each autonomous region is taken care of. “In the Valencian Community we’re the helpful different to throw out the Government of [Carlos] Mazn and the acute proper. We are clear that we’re making the proper coverage and we’re 38,000 votes away from persevering with to manipulate,” stated the Secretary of Organization.