“My father, this scoundrel, is the godfather of the AfD” | EUROtoday

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Lhe statue of a large crocodile painted black-red-gold, the colours of the German flag, stands watch on the facet of the highway, within the middle of the village. He clutches an extended aluminum teardrop between his paws. Passers-by can ponder their very own reflection, distorted and grotesque. On the bottom, this epitaph: “The only honest monument erected to the Jewish children, women and men we murdered. This also applies to Austria. »

“These are the crocodile tears that the Germans, these hypocrites, shed after the war,” condemns Niklas Frankwho had this memorial erected a stone's throw from the small home the place he lives within the far north of Germany.

When he observes the state of his nation at present, nothing surprises this man born in 1939: neither the skyrocketing…