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Jean-Luc Mélenchon, during the official inauguration of the La Boétie Institute, in Paris, February 5, 2023.

Olivier Blanchard, former chief economist on the International Monetary Fund, is just not “hardly impressed” by the financial program of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. This didn’t stop him from debating inflation inside his assume tank, the Institut La Boétie, on January 13, in an environment of maximum cordiality. Aurélie Trouvé, deputy of La France insoumise (LFI) and head of the economics division, laughs at their disagreements – he finds the title of the talk, “Who advantages from inflation? “, “stalker” And “simplistic”.

It mainly retains the points of agreement. The former Barack Obama economist considers the idea of ​​a tax on superprofits to be quite good, particularly for energy companies that have benefited from the rise in energy prices. Even more, requested by The worldhe estimates LFI “close to having an internally coherent economic approach”, without sharing it. “Rebellious” executives, who usually defend themselves from the compliments of good society, do not shy away from their pleasure.

Aurélie Trouvé is pleased that Olivier Blanchard, a neo-Keynesian, sometimes agrees with the Marxist and post-Keynesian economists who fuel the bulk of the economic thinking at LFI. Succeeding in inviting experts – economists, geographers, sociologists – internationally recognized, even in disagreement with the theses defended by the “rebels”, is a cultural victory for La France insoumise.

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A movement opposite to that of its demonization in the political field. On the left, everyone agrees that the think tank conferences are well run. To the point of making certain socialists jealous, who struggle to attract as many people within the walls of the rose-colored party, and above all suffer, due to lack of good electoral scores in the presidential election, from funding much lower than that patiently hoarded by LFI. The party's parliamentary windfall is now partially directed towards this gleaming intellectual showcase, which also benefits from the organizational experience gained from presidential campaigns.

A space of freedom outside the party

The La Boétie Institute supplies essentially the most illustrious “pre-retiree” of French political life and its co-president, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, with quite a few alternatives to talk on his favourite themes – from geopolitics to electoral sociology. When he wears his flattering mental cap, the three-time presidential candidate abandons the invectives with which he heaps on his former companions within the New Ecological and Social Popular Union. In this context, he tolerates contradiction higher, even when his interventions are sometimes restricted to introductions or conclusions.

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