At the Pantheon, Emmanuel Macron salutes the reminiscence of Missak Manouchian, “French by preference, French of hope” | EUROtoday

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“Entering the Pantheon today are 24 faces among those of the FTP-MOI, 24 faces among those of the hundreds of fighters and hostages shot like them in the clearing of Mont-Valérien and all of whom are now recognized as having died for France,” continues Emmanuel Macron. “ The France of 2024 had to honor those who were France 24 times over. »

“Missak Manouchian, you enter here still drunk on your dreams, Armenia delivered from sorrow, fraternal Europe, the communist ideal, justice, dignity, humanity. French dream, universal dream. Missak Manouchian, you enter here with Mélinée as a poet of happy love”concludes the president. “Grateful France welcomes you. »