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Facade of the building in Passeig de Sant Joan in Barcelona.
Facade of the constructing in Passeig de Sant Joan in Barcelona.Eugeni Bach

The rehabilitation that Jaume, Anna & Eugeni Bach have accomplished of the Alesan home, a modernist constructing by Enric Fatjó i Torras subsequent to the Palau Macaya by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, is an replace. Therefore, a full-fledged rescue: not solely of the present heritage but additionally of its means to think about a future past mummification.

Thus, this restoration is an replace. That is: a cleanup and an growth. The architects have preserved every of the inventive trades, from marble staff to glass staff, together with stuccoers and blacksmiths, to whom Dolors Arsen entrusted the looks of his residence. And, within the new Alesan home, the properties retain hydraulic flooring and a canopy able to filtering gentle into the steps. The ceilings have seen the plaster ornament revived and the façade stands showcase the same old stained glass home windows that look new. However, the constructing is completely different.

Today it’s occupied, along with the same old rooms, by a crown with 16 properties and two duplexes. A end on the roof, solely seen from the block patio, which multiplies the variety of properties by two with out shedding the character of the property.

Interior of the extension of the Alesan House.
Interior of the extension of the Alesan House.Eugeni Bach

Thus, the cataloging and restore of the constructing and the present finishes distinction with the redefinition of the perimeter of the areas and the addition of a quantity crowning the property. This addition seeks to be impartial, however not chilly. That is why it’s introduced within the corridor with vertical wood slats that on the roof turn into stoneware, with a half round part, to narrate, from abstraction, to the artisan trades. The thread of renewal is materials and chromatic. It results in the roof the place, this recessed physique, homes the brand new residences. The addition is sort of a watchman who preserves the constructing, caring for it, and projecting it in direction of a residing and non-mummified future.

All the tradition that goes with you awaits you right here.



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