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On the entrance web page of the press, Wednesday: the entry into the Pantheon of the communist resistance fighter of Armenian origin Missak Manouchian, 80 years to the day after her execution by the Nazis. A historic and political ceremony; the choice of the Chilean justice system to reopen the investigation into the dying of Pablo Neruda; the Alabama Supreme Court's definition of frozen embryos as “children”; and a relatively ole-ole priest.

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On the entrance web page of the press: the entry into the Pantheon, Wednesday February 21, of the communist resistance fighter of Armenian origin Missak Manouchian, 80 years to the day after her execution by the Nazis.

“Happiness to those who will survive us and taste the sweetness of the freedom and peace of tomorrow. I am sure that the French people and all the freedom fighters will be able to honor our memory with dignity,” Missak Manouchian wrote two hours earlier than to be shot. Some 80 years later, his want is about to be granted. “Enter here Manouchian”: the communist newspaper Humanity makes use of the phrases of André Malraux through the pantheonization of one other nice resistance fighter, Jean Moulin, to salute this “historic event”. Missak Manouchian will enter the Pantheon, alongside his spouse Mélinée. And for L'Humanité, “it is only justice, for them, but also for the FTP army which is in procession following them.” “Behind Manouchian, it is the communist contribution to the Resistance that is celebrated, which united French and foreigners in the same impulse that is both internationalist and patriotic.”

This historic ceremony can be political. The cross believes that “at a time when hostility against foreigners is openly expressed, it is useful to remember how the best of (France) was also accomplished with those who came to seek refuge on (its) ground”. But the newspaper also notes “the anomaly of Emmanuel Macron's technique” which, by multiplying (the) moments of memory, also makes them tools of personal communication, thus trivializing the historical and national dimension of an event which risks being seen as nothing more than a political coup.”

Mediapart bluntly accuses the president of displaying “hypocrisy” and of utilizing this ceremony to “redeem himself an anti-fascist virginity”, “shortly after having succumbed to the sirens of national preference and the questioning of the rights of the soil ” with immigration regulation. The night observes that by selecting Missak Manouchian, after Simone Veil, Maurice Genevoix and Joséphine Baker, all three of whom entered the Pantheon underneath Emmanuel Macron, the president “shows implicitly the legacy he would like to leave to history” . “Emmanuel Macron, keen on history and literature, is particularly fond of these republican rites which allow us to evoke values ​​and give an interpretation of the five-year term which goes beyond that of the crises”, notes the Belgian newspaper. Emmanuel Macron, who expressed his disapproval of the approaching of Marine Le Pen, the top of the National Rally, to this ceremony – with out managing to dissuade her from taking part. But for The worldthe presidential intervention “appears to send Jean-Marie Le Pen's daughter back to an era that she thought was over, where the RN was deemed 'unfriendly'.”

In the historical past part, nonetheless, the choice of the Chilean justice to reopen on Tuesday the investigation into the dying of the poet Pablo Neruda. The France 24 web site in Spanish specifies that justice is searching for to know whether or not the Nobel Prize for Literature, additionally a communist, was poisoned on September 23, 1973, 12 days after General Pinochet's coup d'état towards President Salvador Allende – who was a fantastic buddy of the poet .

A phrase additionally concerning the controversy within the United States, after the choice on Friday by the Supreme Court of Alabama to outline embryos preserved by freezing as “children”. This choice provokes a bathe of criticism, together with on this very conservative southern state, the place The Birmingham News wonders: “If the frozen embryos are people in Alabama, then what's next and does anyone have a clue?” According to the newspaper, this choice dangers placing an finish to infertility therapies and results in a paradox: the truth that Alabama “is now so pro-life that couples wishing to become parents may no longer be able to able to have babies.

ThThe Washington Post even believes that the State of Alabama “inaugurates theocracy”. The newspaper cites as proof the words of the President of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Tom Parker, who cites pell-mell, in his decision, Genesis, the prophet Jeremiah, Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and others Christian thinkers. Tom Parker, whose The Washington Post recalls that he had denounced the Roe vs. Wade decision on abortion – a decision overturned in 2022 by the Supreme Court of the United States – as a “constitutional aberration”, and had asked that the state courts oppose to same-sex marriage.

We won't leave each other on this. We find in Release a report on the exile of Afghanistan's first national snowboard team. This mixed team was able to take refuge in Haute-Savoie after the arrival of the Taliban thanks to the mobilization of French champion Victor Daviet – a beautiful story of exile “with the means of the board”.

And then additionally a have a look at the Spanish every day El País, which stories the arrest on Monday of a priest and his associate within the Badajoz area, in southwest Spain, after the Guardia Civil searched his home and located a big amount of Viagra and “other powerful aphrodisiacs”, which this priest traded illegally together with his parishioners. A fairly ole-ole priest.

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