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Shot by the German military on February 21, 1944, Missak Manouchian, a 37-year-old Armenian, entered the Pantheon “accompanied by Mélinée”, his spouse, of Armenian origin and resistant like him. Missak Manouchian was one of many navy leaders of a gaggle of overseas resistance fighters within the Paris area commanded by the Communist Party: the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans – Immigrant workforce.

A survivor of the Armenian genocide, he arrived in France with out identification papers within the mid-Twenties. Faced with the rise of xenophobia and fascism all through Europe, he joined the ranks of the Party within the early Thirties. Communist.

At the top of 1943, French cops within the service of the German occupiers ended up arresting this foreigner at struggle towards the Nazi invader. Tortured by the French police then tried by a German court docket martial, he and a bit greater than twenty resistance fighters had been sentenced to dying. At the identical time as this speedy trial, the Nazi propaganda service distributed a poster calling these fighters an “army of crime”. It is The Red Poster that the poet Aragon immortalized just a few years after the top of the struggle.


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