who’s Daria Navalnaya, the heiress who confronts Russian energy? | EUROtoday

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“Mour objective is […] to actively participate in the creation of policies that reflect the values ​​of freedom, equality and integrity. » This is how Daria Navalnaya, also known as Dasha, describes herself in her LinkedIn biography. Since the death of Alexeï Nalvalny, in prison at the age of 47, the eyes of the whole world have been fixed on this young woman of 23, who seems to carry within her, her father's fight against Russian power, like tells Madame Figaro.

Alexeï Navalny has, in fact, left behind his daughter Daria, his wife Loulia, as well as his son Zakhar, aged 16. And it is the eldest who carries the hopes of the opposition to Vladimir Putin on her shoulders. The young woman is a student of social psychology and political science at Stanford University in California, where she has lived since 2019.

Despite her American stay, Dasha expressed in 2021, to the German daily Der Spiegel, her desire to return to Moscow, “the best city”, in response to her. “I miss the people in Russia. They understand that life is not ideal, but that we can and must try to improve society. I like it,” she continued.

“Even if the police don't like us, Dad does the right thing”

The one who doesn’t hesitate to name for mobilization in opposition to Vladimir Putin on her social networks stated she had a “normal” household and childhood. She remembers her father's first police custody when she was 10, which made her perceive that “even if the police don't like us, Dad does the right thing.” “I have always been proud of it,” she stated.

Daria Navalnaya has additionally by no means hesitated to point out her help for her father, notably in December 2021 when she acquired the Sakharov Prize on his behalf in entrance of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. She appeared earlier than the deputies with a portrait of Alexeï Navalny, subsequent to an empty chair.

In her speech, she warned the European Parliament: “To increase its popularity, [Poutine] can also start a war. » Two and a half months later, on February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Six months earlier, Dasha had already received the “Award for Courage”, an award given by 25 human rights organizations and awarded that yr to political prisoners from Russia and Belarus.

On this event, she wished to share a phrase that her father had stated to her someday: “Russia deserves to be free and happy, and it will be”, earlier than including: “I additionally firmly consider that. »