A Boeing flying from San Francisco to Boston loses a part of its wing in mid-flight | EUROtoday

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“OHe'll land any second and the nightmare will end. » After a crack in the cockpit, a door lost in mid-flight or even an engine on fire, the black streak continues for the American manufacturer Boeing. Monday, February 19, a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 airliner, which was departing from San Francisco towards Boston, saw part of its wing torn off during the flight, reports The Parisian.

Some of the 165 travelers on board confided their fear when they saw the piece gradually coming loose. “How panicked should I be?” Should I inform a member of the flight crew? I might be very relieved as soon as we land,” one passenger wrote on the social community Reddit whereas posting a photograph of the wing. As the outlet will get greater, it’s he who decides to warn the crew. In view of the issue, it was determined to divert the airplane to land on the nearest airport, Denver, Colorado.

“A problem with the slat on the wing of the plane”

Another passenger, Kevin Clarke, filmed the airplane's wing deteriorating because the flight continued. He assures as we speak that he was not assured when getting on the airplane, feeling it shaking. “I can't wait for this flight to end […]. We will land any second and the nightmare will end,” he stated within the video he posted on social media.

The Boeing 757-200 lastly landed safely in Denver. The passengers boarded a brand new airplane for Boston. “United Flight 354 was diverted to Denver to resolve a problem with the slat on the wing of the aircraft,” particulars a press launch despatched to NBC Boston.