“French elites have largely shared a Russophile political sensibility” | EUROtoday

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Moscou, March 24, 2017. In a Kremlin lounge, with the delighted smile of a barely intimidated groupie, Marine Le Pen poses together with her massive man, the Russian president. She chooses her phrases: “Yes, I have admiration for Vladimir Putin. » She experiences this moment as a personal crowning achievement – ​​her patent of ideological complicity with the idol of the ultranationalist family. For the boss of what is still called the National Front, the Russian president is a natural ally of Paris.

In the spring of 2027, when the time comes for the presidential election in France, these are words and images that will need to be remembered. The death of Alexeï Navalny imposes on us a duty of memory, that, in particular, of remembering that in 2017, already, the Putin regime appeared for what it is: a venal autocracy living on war and a ever more ruthless tyranny within. Navalny paid dearly for saying it on the spot – first poisoning, then imprisonment in increasingly squalid conditions. Finally, death at 47.

France cannot not maintain relations with Russia. The largest country in the world (17.1 million square kilometers) will tomorrow, like yesterday, be the imposing neighbor of the European Union. History binds us. Russia is a country that counts: nuclear power, rich in hydrocarbons, advanced agriculture, subsoil overflowing with precious metals, it devotes a major part of its income to strengthening its army. Having relations with that country is one thing; saying one’s “admiration” for one’s supreme chief is one other.

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What pursuits us right here, exactly, are the explanations for M's ardourme Le Pen for Vladimir Putin and what they are saying in regards to the political character of the National Rally (RN) candidate. What is the cocktail of emotions that warms M’s coronary heart?me Le Pen when, blushing with delight, she poses alongside the grasp of the Kremlin?

Guilty complacency

By saying her “admiration” for Putin, is that this a regime she embraces? That of the “strong man”, of the police order, of faith as a state instrument within the service of “traditional values”? Unless she salutes the good strategist who, in 2017, has already razed, at residence, the capital of Chechnya, and, overseas, a part of the key cities of Syria, has seized a portion of Georgia and a chunk of Ukraine? Tell me who you “admire”…

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One day renegotiating with Putin will undoubtedly be an obligation for the Europeans; extolling its deserves in France is an assumed political alternative. To be full on the topic would require additionally quoting the chief of La France insoumise. Jean-Luc Mélenchon has lengthy seen within the man of the Kremlin, not an adversary however a “partner” for France. Partner of what precisely?

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