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The director of the Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM), Nuria Enguita, has resigned from the place this Wednesday, at some point after the Ministry of Culture knowledgeable the prosecutor's workplace of the donation in 2022 of two unproductive rural properties by the top of the museum to the Todolí Citrus Foundation, chaired by the Valencian artwork knowledgeable Vicente Todolí, who was one of many members of the analysis committee of the worldwide jury that elected her for the place two years earlier. “This morning at 12:15 I informed the vice president of the Generalitat, Vicente Barrera, of my resignation from the position of director of the IVAM. Given the complaint made by the Valencian Generalitat and the continued attacks against me based on falsified information, it is evident that I do not have the support of the Valencian Government. Given this situation, and to avoid further damage to the museum, I have decided to make this decision,” says the temporary assertion issued by the director this Wednesday afternoon.

The Ministry of Culture, led by First Vice President Vicente Barrera, of Vox, introduced the grievance to the prosecutor's workplace in case the occasions could possibly be thought of “as indicative of a possible criminal offense.” “From the different articles published it could be deduced that the selected candidate would have made a pure donation in favor of the member of the evaluation commission, not modal or conditional, so it could be a remunerative donation,” the grievance states, which alludes to data printed by the digital newspaper The Spanish. That contest that was not appealed or contested.

In its notice on Wednesday, Enguita emphasizes its argument: “Last week the 35th anniversary of IVAM was successfully celebrated and it was demonstrated that the institution is at its best moment in the last 25 years. “It does not seem a coincidence that the malicious attacks against me coincide with the moment of maximum social visibility of the museum.”

“The recovery work with which I began my management is on track, now it is the responsible teams and the citizens who have to defend the institutions, given the fragility to which they are subjected by political-media interests,” he provides, along with giving due to the IVAM employees.

Enguita, 57, already indicated final Monday that it was a “defamatory campaign” launched in opposition to him on “a strictly private issue.” “I want to clarify that in June 2022 I made a donation to the Todolí Citrus Fundació de la Comunitat Valenciana, a non-profit foundation for the defense of the environment and sociocultural that includes research, dissemination and defense of the cultivation of traditional citrus fruits in the Community. Valencian, under the tutelage of the protectorate exercised by the Generalitat,” he acknowledged in a press release, in response to the printed data.

Nuria Enguita and Vice President Vicente Barrera, after the meeting they held on February 12 at the vice presidential headquarters, in an image that the politician shared on X.
Nuria Enguita and Vice President Vicente Barrera, after the assembly they held on February 12 on the vice presidential headquarters, in a picture that the politician shared on X.

Enguita specified that the donation was a part of a marketing campaign crowdfunding or micro-patronage through which greater than 25 folks participated, amongst whom are artists of acknowledged status and worldwide projection, equivalent to Maurizio Cattelan, Cildo Meireles, Matt Mullican, Miroslaw Balka, Juan Uslé, Carmen Calvo, Antonio Miralda, Cristina Iglesias, Tacita Dean, Nan Goldin, Roni Horn, Antoni Muntadas or Juliao Sarmento. He insists that there was no donation to any pure particular person, on this case to Todolí, former director of the Tate Modern in London and a key artwork conservator within the launch and consolidation of the IVAM as inventive director of the museum till 1996.

The Ministry of Culture has despatched the next assertion this afternoon: “From the Ministry of Culture we respect Nuria Enguita's decision and we appreciate her way of working and collaboration during these months. Now, immediately, we have to finalize the manager selection process and study the formula for the appointment of the future director of the institution that is turning 35 years old. “The IVAM continues to function normally.”

“It is a case inherited from the previous government and, therefore, those responsible at that time for the selection process for senior positions, such as the one occupied by Nuria Enguita, are the ones who must give all the appropriate explanations to clarify all the aspects of this matter and “Collaborate with each the administration and the justice system the place applicable to make clear the matter and cleanse the great identify and status of the IVAM,” he concludes.

The person in charge of the museum explained on Monday that the donation consisted of the transfer of some unproductive land in the Alicante Vall de la Gallinera, acquired in 1999 with the aim of rescuing an ethnological heritage of dry stone terraces in the area of ​​La Penya. Foradada. Various businessmen and the Palmera City Council are present on the board of the foundation, very close to Gandía, the municipality where the El Bartolí farm is located, where more than 400 types of citrus fruits from the foundation are explored.

Nuria Enguita was elected director for five years by a jury made up of the following members: two members of the autonomous Administration, the artists Virginia Paniuagua and Ricard Silvestre; Vicent Todolí, artistic director of the Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan; Manuel Borja-Villel, then director of the Reina Sofía Museum; Iwona Blazwick, director of the Witechapel Gallery in London and Bernard Blistène, then director of the Museum of Modern Art at the Center Pompidou in Paris.

Two candidates presented themselves, although one of them did not meet the required requirements and was discarded, so Enguita's candidacy remained the only one. There is no evidence that any challenge was presented to the competition. Enguita came to the management of the museum after serving as artistic director of the private cultural center Bombas Gens in Valencia, which in a short time made a prestigious name for itself in the contemporary art circuit of Spain. Todolí was the artistic advisor in the acquisition of the Bombas Gens collection. Between 1991 and 1998, Enguita was curator of the IVAM, where she coincided with Todolí for a few years, and later she was artistic director for a decade of the Fundació Tàpies, where she replaced Manuel Borja-Villel, as well as independent curator of exhibitions. Sources from the art world point out that it is quite common for potential applicants for a competition to give up preparing for it when a strong candidacy, with prior ties to the convening museum, emerges from the presentation.

The 2020 contest was called by the previous Government of the Generalitat, formed by the PSPV-PSOE, Compromís and Unides Podem. It was the second public competition according to the code of good practices to elect the direction of the museum, after the controversial period of Consuelo Ciscar (2004-2014), sentenced to a year and a half in prison (she did not go to jail) and two of disqualification, for using the museum's resources for the benefit of an artist son. The first, held in 2015, was won by José M. García Cortés, who returned to the museum. The only member of the jury who repeated in both competitions was the Valencian Manuel Borja-Villel. Enguita also participated in that call and was one of the six finalists. Cortés, who had previously been director of the Espai d'Art of Castelló by Ciscar's appointment, criticized the fact that the left-wing government did not extend his mandate at the head of the IVAM (the governing council resigned in protest), calling the decision political and He resigned from participating in the 2020 contest.

Perez Pont leak and precedent

The leak of the donation of the rural land has emerged two months after the Ministry of Culture dismissed José Luis Pérez Pont as director of the Center del Carme and the Museum Consortium for alleged “malpractice” and “irregularities” in his management. , according to the arguments put forward by the Ministry of Culture. This dismissal provoked a large citizen protest against what they considered an act of censorship against the manager who had managed to multiply the audience by nine.

Some sources from the art sector point out that this is a procedure to pressure and justify a possible dismissal of Enguita as head of the IVAM with a year and a half left until the end of his contract. A situation that has not been reached because Enguita has presented his resignation shortly after learning of the complaint to the prosecutor's office. Neither Barrera, nor his number two in the ministry, Paula Añó, regional secretary of Culture, attended last Thursday the opening of the exhibition with which the events celebrating the 35 years of the IVAM began.

On Tuesday, hours before the decision to take the donation to the prosecutor's office was revealed, Vicente Barrera commented in the morning that his department “as council”had not opened an investigation. “If there are any irregularities, the competent authorities will have to clarify them,” said Barrera, who recalled that audits will be carried out on the entire public business sector, not just IVAM. “To date everything has seemed legal and consistent as far as we have been able to see,” he said, referring to the museum.

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