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EAnother lovely week of absurdity, my little refractory Gauls.

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Finished the mess

Farewell, “Whatever it takes”! Tchao cash printing machine, time for the airplane. Bruno Le Maire, a terrific man of letters, found numbers. “We are going to have to make 10 billion savings. » Finished the joke. Last Sunday, Nono, the Lamartine of dark anatomy, invited himself to the 8 p.m. mass, for a public confession. In com-pol', we call this a truth operation. In bistro language, a slate. Groggy, Mister Sobriety 2024 spoke bluntly: “Growth is slowing down. From the moment we have less growth, there is less tax revenue and savings are necessary. » What emotion to see your DAF discover macroeconomics! One would have said Bourvil in Le Corniaud : “Now, it will work much less well, obviously. » Bercy very much Nono for this fiduciary exegesis level BEP accounting.

Rent the upper room

While the State is tightening its belt, senators are loosening theirs. After the Guerriau affair, aka the Belgian hemicyclical scandal, the sex tape affair continues to agitate the Luxembourg Palace. (No spoonerism has crept into this sentence). People took the Senate for a quiet subsidized nursing home, when in fact it is Playboy's mansion, a state brothel with an unobstructed view of a landscaped garden. It is rumored in the Landernau that the smoking video where we discover a parliamentarian with his pants around his ankles could soon be released on our small screens. From then on, we better understand the increase of 700 euros secretly allocated to elected officials by Father Larcher. Certainly a decision to cover the inflation of dry cleaning costs. In short, if you like sex, drugs and easy money, consider renting the Upper House.

Communism is in the details

After his heavy sentence, Donald Trump compared himself to Alexeï Navalny. We would have liked to know the reaction of the Russian opponent to this moving tribute… Apart from a stupidly lethal observation, two essential differences separate these two martyrs. The first, Trump did not update his political prisoner profile on X. The second, although housed in a thermal sieve in the Arctic, Navalny has never questioned global warming. These details made, Donald Trump, the Solzhenitsyn with a fuse, does not take offense at the relentlessness of which he is the victim: “We are in the process of becoming a communist country in many respects. » A distraught Joe Biden immediately picked up his phone to express his strong disagreement to his Russian counterpart Leonid Brezhnev, whom he knows well.

The most tainted couch in Paf

Since we are in the mire, let's stay there, Gérard Miller must have his super-ego working under him. The most tainted couch of the Paf, targeted by a new complaint, is the third. We have passed the milestone of 50 testimonies… Be careful, when you count more complaints than patients in your waiting room, that's called a milestone of bad hope. Next door, Depardieu is Abbé Pierre under bromide. It smells like a pig that was grilled at the moraline seller's. Gérard Miller, it's Torquemada who gets the bottle brush caught in the font. However, let us also leave the presumption of innocence to the inquisitors. Note that, in his defense, Gérard claims to have always ensured the consent of women. Someone to explain to him that the notion of consent… under “hypnosis”?

The marketing campaign in Paris

While the Césars are celebrated on the Olympia, the Agricultural Show opens on the Porte de Versailles. Two editions beneath stress. “Anatomy of a fall”, sure, however which one? While the marketing campaign is in full swing in Paris, lastly the marketing campaign involves Paris. This yr much more, your complete political class will rush to the Agricultural Show to see the cows that they don’t see the remainder of the yr. And for good motive, 91% of French folks assist peasant anger. In brief, everybody helps farmers, however nobody buys their merchandise… This is the primary time {that a} social motion has introduced collectively the sympathy of all political events, besides the Greens. This is an astonishing paradox: essentially the most virulent opponents of land employees are their labeled defenders. We clearly acknowledge right here the “plus” product of political ecology, earlier than loving nature, it hates its tradition.

Back to the town

I needed to congratulate Anne Hidalgo who had promised Parisians to eradicate vehicles from Paris. Successful guess ! It's the return of tractors to the capital, and good news for the mobility of Ile-de-France residents. When we take a look at the variety of potholes in Paris, we are saying that the tractor is essentially the most appropriate mode of transport for getting across the capital. Besides, it's been a troublesome week for the Parisian councilor. Kilian Mbappé has been introduced as leaving PSG on the finish of the season. His name to remain in Paris throughout the Olympics was not even heard by the captain of the French staff. She can nonetheless console herself. Book sellers is not going to be moved from the banks of the Seine, and can have the ability to take part within the “big party”. The necessary factor in sport, as within the media circus, shouldn’t be a lot to win, however to be on the observe.

Heart with fingers. And above all, thanks for these moments.

* Régis Mailhot is a French humorist and columnist, identified and acknowledged for his sharp pen, his freedom of tone and spirit, in addition to his comedian effectiveness. Stage, radio, tv, the person we nicknamed the soiled child of humor has been on all fronts for nearly 20 years. A profitable stage man, and creator of satirical works, this troublemaker was revealed within the radio present Le Fou du roi on France Inter, and devoted for 9 seasons on RTL together with his morning temper posts, and at noon to alongside Stéphane Bern. It can be rife in Paris Première's cult comedy present, “La Revue de presse”.