The wine trade in quest of options to emerge from the disaster | EUROtoday

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How to draw the French to wine? Bring again those that shunned him? Make it extra accessible to younger individuals? The sector is engaged on the topic, conscious that, for the second, there is no such thing as a miracle resolution. The overwhelming majority of individuals even stay skeptical of the choices proposed: much less alcohol in juices or no alcohol in any respect, cans to attraction to younger individuals, colourful and extra impactful labels, juice from a single grape selection to simplify… But few manufacturers dare to interrupt with the corkscrew ritual.

Olivier Dauvers, creator and writer specializing in mass distribution, is rising the variety of conferences on the topic, taking care to not antagonize professionals. Without hiding from them that the sector “no longer resonates with the times”, what “is aimed at the parents of those it targets”.

He takes the instance of beer: the 25 and 33 centiliter cans, along with being gentle, adapt higher to small wishes than the 75 centiliter bottle. He suggests, for low-priced vintages, to put off labels adorned with a coat of arms or a fort. And to cease selling a managed designation of origin (AOC) which misleads the buyer greater than it reassures. “The AOCs have taken on the role of brand, explains the expert. However, we expect a brand to offer a consistent product. At Novotel, I don't want to have sometimes a large bathroom, sometimes a shower in the hallway. But, in Bordeaux wines, we have bottles at 1.99 euros and others at 1,000 euros, it's incomprehensible to people. »

The Bordeaux seduction operation

Bordeaux has started to respond to the challenges with two advertising campaigns, one in July 2023, to show the diversity of tastes of its red wines, the other at the beginning of February, which brings together winegrowers and consumers in the same images. The highlight is a video spot, broadcast on the Bordeaux wine website and social networks. There are two versions, one for France, “Evin law compatible”, the other for international, where we see, in a joyful and uninhibited atmosphere, the wine flowing into the glasses and the consumers bring to the lips.

“We wanted to put the consumer at the heart of this campaign, even if it meant shaking up the professionals”, acknowledges Florence Bossard, advertising and marketing director of Bordeaux wines. According to her, the winery has targeted for too lengthy on codes particular to oenologists, perpetuating “a product and know-how anchored in a consumption that is no longer that of today”. The ambition is evident: “building the consumers of tomorrow”who, for the second, are eyeing competing drinks, on account of lack of communication that corresponds to them.