Trump vs Biden is an ‘unlucky unpopularity contest between two aged statesmen’ | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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The forthcoming US Presidential election showdown between incumbent Joe Biden and Donald Trump is an “unpopularity contest between two elderly statesmen”, a US-based former UKIP MP has mentioned.

Douglas Carswell was talking at a time when Mr Trump’s election juggernaut is choosing up pace, with the person who was Mr Biden’s predecessor within the White House odds-on to be his challenger in November.

But Mr Carswell, who served because the member for Clacton from 2014 to 2017 after defecting to the eurosceptic occasion from the Tories, is much from satisfied that both is what the nation wants.

Now president and CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, he advised “If I was the betting man, I think Trump will probably be the next president.

“Perhaps the way to explain that to a British audience is to say that a lot of American presidential politics is not a popularity contest, it’s an unpopularity contest.

“I suspect that Trump won the first time largely because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. I suspect Joe Biden won the second time because he wasn’t Donald Trump. And I suspect Donald Trump will win because he’s not Joe Biden. It’s kind of sad.

“I love America deeply and this is the country that produces people like Steven Jobs and huge technological and cultural innovation. It’s slightly unfortunate that it seems to reduce its presidential elections to a contest between two quite elderly Statesmen.”

He acknowledged: “Maybe will probably be totally different.

“I mean who knows, there’s talk about the Democrats running someone younger, although maybe they’re running out of time to do that.

Speculation has been rising that Michelle Obama will up as the Democratic Party’s nomination, with William Hill currently offering odds of 4-1 on the former First Lady.

However, Mr Carswell asked: “In a republic is it right that you get a sort of hereditary system. I mean, you had two Bushes and there was nearly a third.

“Then we had Bill Clinton who I actually think was probably not a bad President. But then his wife nearly got it.

“I’m not sure that the founding fathers who founded this Republic would like the idea of these political dynasties.

“But I do sometimes wonder if America doesn’t have more talent than sometimes is reflected in presidential contests.”

“Surely America is better than being a country where people get elected because they’re part of a political clan.

“I wonder what would happen if there was a young Jimmy Carter out there would they make it?

“Would a younger Ronald Reagan make it in at the moment’s atmosphere? I fear about that.”

Mr Carswell additionally defined the explanations behind his resolution to maneuver throughout the Atlantic.

He mentioned: “I moved to America because I believe in liberty and freedom and I can’t help but notice that in the southern United States is doing everything that actually I think Margaret Thatcher would want them to do.

“They are cutting taxes, they are deregulating, they’re giving every mom and dad controlled over their child’s share of the education budget.

“And of course the southern United States is the centre of economic growth in the world’s largest economy.”