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Warren Buffett, probably the most well-known investor on this planet, has at all times mentioned that the largest mistake of his profession was shopping for Berkshire Hathaway, the corporate that ended up taking him to the highest. He let himself be carried away by his impulses and acquired right into a textile enterprise with out a lot future. If he was capable of straighten it out, it was because of the assistance of Charlie Munger, his companion, buddy and devoted squire, who died on the finish of November on the age of 99. This yr's Berkshire Hathaway annual report, launched this Saturday, begins with a tribute to Munger, who Buffett says is the true architect of the corporate, “architect,” he calls him. Now with out his companion, Buffett expresses in his letter to shareholders his dedication to Japanese conglomerates and Occidental Petroleum. However, he’s nonetheless not discovering many alternatives and has collected a report money place of $168 billion.

Buffett, who has thus far virtually fully missed the nice alternative of synthetic intelligence, laments the shortage of funding alternate options obtainable. “There are only a handful of companies left in this country capable of truly moving the needle in Berkshire, and they have been relentlessly targeted by us and others. Outside of the United States, there are basically no candidates who are meaningful options for capital deployment in Berkshire,” he states in his letter.

Given the shortage of alternatives that it finds enticing, the group collected a liquidity place of 167.6 billion {dollars} on the finish of the yr, breaking the report of 157 billion from the earlier quarter. Most of that cash was invested in US Treasury securities.

“Size has hurt us, although increased competition for purchases has also been a factor,” says Buffett. “For a while, we had a lot of candidates to evaluate. If I missed one, and I missed many, another always appeared. Those days are behind us,” he provides.

If I missed one candidate and plenty of missed them, one other one at all times appeared. Those days are gone

Warren Buffett

Given this lack of alternatives, he warns that beating the market is more and more sophisticated. “Berkshire should do a little better than the average U.S. company and, more importantly, should also operate with a materially lower risk of permanent capital loss,” he says. “Anything beyond 'a little better,' however, is wishful thinking,” he provides.

Buffett provides his funding classes in two methods: with phrases and with actions. Sometimes he sends messages, like when in the course of the cryptocurrency bubble he disdained them as ineffective. Other instances, it’s his quarterly or annual stories or his statements of holdings that ship the alerts: he takes positions on this firm, reduces them on this different… And generally, each issues coincide.

Berkshire Hathaway has just lately guess on a bunch of extremely diversified Japanese conglomerates, in some methods much like Buffett's personal agency. Now, in his letter to shareholders, he assures that his guess is for the very long run. Berkshire Hathaway has taken positions in Itochu, Marubeni, Mitsubishi, Mitsui and Sumitomo. “Last year we increased our holdings in all five after Greg Abel [señalado por Buffett como su sucesor] and I would take a trip to Tokyo to talk to their managers,” he says within the letter.

“In some important respects, the five companies follow shareholder-friendly policies far superior to those typically practiced in the United States,” he says. “Meanwhile, managers at all five companies have been much less aggressive with their own compensation than is typical in the United States. Note also that each of the five only allocates approximately one-third of its profits to dividends. The large sums that the five retain are used both to develop their numerous businesses and, to a lesser extent, to buy back shares. Like Berkshire, all five companies are reluctant to issue shares,” he provides.

Berkshire now owns about 9% of every of the 5 and has pledged to not exceed 9.9%. In a short while, the worth of their funding in yen in these firms has skyrocketed by 81%, though the depreciation of the yen has lowered the latent revenue in {dollars} to 61%, about 8,000 million.

Buffett is dedicated to creating them long-term investments of Berkshire, shopping for them along with his historic investments in Coca-Cola and American Express. The different massive guess of the agency to which he commits to the long run in his letter to shareholders is Occidental Petroleum.

“At the end of the year, Berkshire owned 27.8% of Occidental Petroleum's common stock and also warrants which, for more than five years, give us the option to materially increase our participation at a fixed price,” Buffett signifies in his letter. “While we very much like our stake, as well as the option, Berkshire has no interest in purchasing or managing Occidental. We especially like its vast oil and gas developments in the United States, as well as its leadership in carbon capture initiatives, although the economic viability of this technique has yet to be demonstrated. Both activities are of great interest to our country,” he provides.

“Under the leadership of Vicki Hollub, Occidental is doing what is right for both its country and its owners. Nobody knows what oil prices will do in the next month, year or decade. But Vicki does know how to separate the oil from the rock, and that is a rare talent, valuable for her shareholders and for her country,” he explains in reference to shale oil, obtained by hydraulic fragmentation, by which Occidental could be very robust.

Profits skyrocketed

Berkshire Hathaway has reported that it closed 2023 with a web revenue of 96,223 million {dollars} (88,800 million euros on the present trade fee), in comparison with losses of twenty-two,759 million the earlier yr. These abrupt variations are because of the oscillation of the values ​​​​in your portfolio and particularly these of Apple, your essential funding. Buffett prefers to not give extreme worth to that determine when it comes to the results of the train, though he considers it necessary to the extent that it displays how his portfolio evolves.

Approximately 79% of the worth of Berkshire's portfolio was concentrated in 5 firms on the finish of the yr: Apple ($174.3 billion); Bank of America ($34.8 billion); American Express ($28.4 billion); Coca-Cola ($23.6 billion) and Chevron Corporation ($18.8 billion). In complete, with these and different participations, its portfolio investments complete a value of 109,416 million {dollars} and accumulate capital positive factors of 244,426 million.

The firm insists in its outcomes that accounting requirements require these adjustments in worth to be recorded within the earnings assertion even when it’s a steady funding and detracts from its worth: “The amount of profits/losses on investments in a given quarter “It is often irrelevant and provides net earnings (loss) per share figures that can be very misleading to investors with little or no knowledge of accounting standards,” he notes.

For this cause, the corporate prefers to take a look at the evolution of its companies. Operating earnings improved 28% within the fourth quarter, to $8,481 million. In 2023, it reaches $37.35 billion, 21% greater than in 2022. Much of the development is because of the restoration of the insurance coverage enterprise, which suffered losses of $30 million in 2022 because of the accumulation of catastrophes. and that has now contributed 5,428 million in working earnings. The funding insurance coverage half additionally improves its accounts strongly, 47.5%, as much as 9,567 million. On the opposite hand, the working outcomes of the electrical energy and power companies worsened (by 40%, to 2,331 million {dollars}) and the railways (14%, to five,087 million).

Munger, the “architect” of Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett has most well-liked to separate his letter to shareholders from his tribute to his companion and buddy Charlie Munger. As a preface to the letter, Berkshire Hathaway's annual report features a tribute web page signed by Buffett himself. In it he insists on his thesis that investing in Berkshire was his greatest mistake and that if the whole lot ended up understanding properly it was because of his buddy, whom he calls the corporate's “architect.”
“In reality, Charlie was the 'architect' of the current Berkshire, and I acted as the 'general contractor' to carry out the day-to-day construction of his vision. Charlie never tried to take credit for his role as creator, but instead left I wanted to take the laurels and the praise. In a way, his relationship with me was part big brother, part loving father. Even when he knew I was right, he gave me the reins. And when I made a mistake, he never let me know. I remembered it,” Buffett writes.
“In the physical world, great buildings are tied to their architect, while those who poured the concrete or installed the windows are soon forgotten. Berkshire has become a large company. Although I have long been in charge of the construction team of construction, Charlie should always be the architect,” concludes his tribute.

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