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The president of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, on Sunday February 25 at the Agricultural Show.

The day after the hectic go to of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, for the inauguration of the Agricultural Show, the president of the National Rally (RN), Jordan Bardella, started a two-day go to there, Sunday February 25 . The alternative, for the pinnacle of the acute social gathering listing within the European elections, to reply vehemently to the assaults of the pinnacle of state, who talked about on Saturday ” people “ demonstrator on the Salon “with a political project which is to serve the National Rally” And “to make tomorrow or the day after tomorrow a guard of honor for the leaders” of the RN. The clashes between farmers and the CRS notably delayed the inauguration of the Show for a number of individuals.

“I think he clearly no longer has the sensors of the country of which he is presidentattacked Mr. Bardella on Sunday, in the aisles of the Salon. And he probably does not realize the suffering his policy causes. »

Then questioned at midday on BFM-TV, Mr. Bardella then declared that “wherever Emmanuel Macron moves, he creates tension, rejection and disorder”. “We have the feeling that it is a single man who governs against the French. The President of the Republic is in a worrying and dangerous schizophrenic drift with regard to his function”he continued, believing that Mr. Macron “probably falls into a form of conspiracy, of paranoia, which is characteristic of all extremes”.

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Bardella says he 'doesn’t need to depart' EU

The head of the RN listing within the European elections additionally affirmed that he “does not wish to leave the European Union or the common market”after Mr. Macron estimated on Saturday that the RN is “ the party of Frexit, of leaving the euro » with a project “of decline and stupidity”. “The President of the Republic, who is clearly a pathological liar, fuels this doubt”Mr. Bardella replied on Sunday.

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On the topic of the disaster, the president of the RN estimated on Sunday that he “needs a software change” for French agriculture. “Obviously there is the question of income and work. But our farmers must be competitive. However, by being put in competition with products or sectors that do not respect any of the standards” imposed on them, ” it's very complicated “he estimated.

“I campaign for economic patriotism and to get out of free trade agreements. » Because if, in theory, “trade agreements can be beneficial to French agriculture”, ” Everytime (…) It’s to our disadvantage.”added the MEP.

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