The blue star: the infinite pleasure of disappointment (****) | EUROtoday

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Sadness will not be the identical as disappointment in the identical method that happiness has nothing to do with simply being completely satisfied. Both disappointment and happiness are summary nouns to which, as a consequence of their nearly inviolable nature, corresponds the privilege of the perfect. They are materials for philosophical treatises. Sadness, however, stains and, in its materials and even sensory concretion, gives a really main pleasure. It is the enjoyment of what’s outlined, of what’s concrete, of what’s lived. With the completely satisfied factor – like with the impartial article in entrance – one thing related occurs. It suits poorly into the tomes of ethics, however it’s loved for what’s carnal about it with that slight itch that, typically, if not handled properly, is confused with ache.

'The blue star', and therefore every little thing above, is a movie about disappointment, not about disappointment, which offers with a musician who at some point got here near being completely satisfied, however in no way to happiness. It is, to know us, a fragile, tactile ribbon, very attentive to the singular, the particular. At instances, it looks as if it even smells. And ah, for sure, his biggest achievement. The capability that she transmits always for reality with out pomposity, for on a regular basis certainties, for tiny and shared deaths, locations her in a spot of privilege. It is thrilling as a result of it doesn’t enable, in impact, even an summary noun.

Javier Macipe reconstructs a part of the lifetime of the musician Mauricio (magnificent Pepe Lorente). This is a musician who lived, performed, composed songs, fell in love and eventually died in Zaragoza. What we see and what we’re instructed is that he had issues. What if the medicine, what if the doubts, what if the anguish, what if the rocker's life, what if the loves that break, what if the daddy who doesn't perceive. To detoxify from every little thing and even himself, he went to Argentina, to Santiago del Estero, the place the farms have been. And there he met the outdated instructor Don Carlos. And one and the opposite, the opposite and the one, like two unattainable Quixote and Sancho, they discovered to know one another and, most significantly, to sing to one another.

The movie travels gentle of luggage (like the youngsters of the ocean) by way of the lifetime of its mule hero Sugar Man and a little bit additionally by itself. 'The blue star'He is aware of the hazards of taking himself too critically and he additionally is aware of that semi-musical movies about cursed topics are stuffed with summary clichés that must be prevented in an effort to proceed dwelling. And that is how 'The blue star' It strikes by way of its delicate plot and by itself with out affectation, with style, with a way of melody and with a whole lot of emotion. All this till attaining an correct and deeply emotional portrait of points similar to creation, friendship and an excellent demise. We have arrived.

“We do not walk towards death, it is death that comes to meet us,” is heard at one level. Just earlier than, Mauricio, who has seen his brother Pedro die, declares his personal demise three scenes later. And so it occurs. 'The Blue Star' is dotted with surprises. Each of their phrases, every of their songs, every of their discoveries are obtained as revelations, as if that they had simply been born. And in its unblemished originality, in its sympathetic self-awareness, lies its advantage. 'The blue star She walks with a agency step in direction of disappointment, not disappointment, and all the time satisfied that the objective will not be happiness, however happiness. It is uncommon to see and listen to such a transparent, deep and distinct voice in a primary (or nearly) movie.

Direccin: Javier Macipe. Interpreters: Pepe Lorente, Cuti Carabajal, Bruna Cus, Marc Rodríguez, Catalina Sopelana. Duracin: 129 minutes. Nationality: Space.