“With the questioning of land rights, the crisis in Mayotte threatens to corrupt the foundation of the Republic” | EUROtoday

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Bafter all, report in the present day The Betrayal of the Clerics, because the essayist Julien Benda (1867-1956) did nearly a century in the past, isn’t finished calmly. This implies contemplating that the second is severe, because it might have been when, in 1927, this e-book was printed which introduced “the most total and perfect war the world will have seen”. Why this horrible premonition? Benda accused the intellectuals of his time of failing of their obligation of vigilance by deserting the terrain of summary thought – reality, justice, cause – for that of political passions – race, nation, class. Instead of utilizing rational arguments, they constructed the ideological justification for the racial hatred and totalitarianism that may ravage the world.

We will not be in 1927, however the energy of the demonstration of the humanist author resonates unusually in our time the place, moderately than arguing logically from established truths, some choose to feed the opinion of scapegoats. The lamentable debate on the “immigration” regulation, censored partially by the Constitutional Council on the request of the chief itself, gave an instance of this recreation of bloodbath of republican rationality, whereas deluding public opinion on the the effectiveness of one more measure speculated to “control immigration”.

Far from studying the teachings from this disastrous episode, the chief is relaunching it. Emmanuel Macron, by having his Minister of the Interior announce, Sunday February 11, a constitutional revision mission meant to eradicate land regulation in Mayotte with a view to “cut off attractiveness” of the division, takes duty for a nationwide confrontation on one of many favourite grounds of the acute proper.

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But, above all, he doesn’t inform the reality to the French, this “truth” that Julien Benda accused the “clerks” – the opinion leaders – of despising. The first “attraction” of Mayotte for migrants isn’t the prospect of French nationality – in actuality topic to a number of circumstances – however the abysmal differential in lifestyle with the neighboring Comorian islands, which fuels survival and migration migration. of hope. Who can consider {that a} mission of constitutional change, with an unsure future however deleterious results, would thwart any such attraction at work on all continents, wherever a developed State adjoins a poor nation?

Denouncing the deadlock within the suppression of land rights doesn’t imply denying the necessity to present responses to the quasi-insurrectional state of affairs which prevails in Mayotte, the place roads and public companies are blocked by “citizen collectives” offended on the insecurity and irregular immigration. Nor can we fake that the island can proceed to soak up the disproportionate immigrant flows which can be destabilizing it. The discourse of reality that Mayotte wants requires a broadening of the main target: its inextricable state of affairs outcomes from the failure of the decolonization of the previous French Comoros, of which Mayotte was one of many 4 islands.

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