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Lactalis receives a superb from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture for “unfair practices” on the value of milk

The French dairy large Lactalis discovered itself within the sights of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, which imposed an preliminary superb of 74,000 euros for “unfair practices”accusing him of getting lowered final yr a lot “unilateral” the value of milk paid to producers.

An accusation which was refuted by Lactalis, whose subsidiary Italatte intends to enchantment this superb and attainable different future sanctions, contemplating “the economic damage alleged as completely unfounded”in accordance with a press launch from the group.

Last yr, “the proposed contractual changes allowed farmers to save 40 million euros” greater than in 2022, i.e. “10% more than initially planned, at a price consistent with the market”, argues Lactalis. The multinational “took advantage of its dominant position in Italy to unilaterally revise the contracts concluded with our milk producers, which led to a drop in their income”quite the opposite stated Saturday the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida.

In addition to a primary superb, the inspection for the repression of agri-food product fraud, which depends upon the ministry, notified Lactalis of the opening of 100 different procedures for “unfair practices” regarding the value of milk paid to Italian breeders.