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The Royal Union of Bull Breeders of Fighting Bulls (RUCTL) has warned in Madrid that the farms belonging to stated affiliation, which provides the overwhelming majority of bullfighting reveals held in Spain and France, have twenty % fewer bulls accessible for the 2024 bullfighting season.

The data was supplied by Antonio Bañuelos, president of the RUCTL, throughout an informative breakfast held in the present day on the headquarters of this livestock entity and during which, as well as, all of the actions which have been carried out lately in protection have been offered. of the combating bull in numerous nationwide and European boards.

Bañuelos defined that this appreciable discount within the provide of males – which additionally consists of 12 % fewer steers – is a direct consequence of the elimination of stomach cows that occurred in a big a part of the Bravo farms throughout essentially the most essential years of the covid pandemic, when gross sales have been lowered to minimums as a result of compelled closure of bullrings.

Specifically, in 2023, the Union's ranchers had a complete of 8,192 bulls accessible, between Cuatreños and Cinqueños, all of them born earlier than the pandemic, in comparison with the 6,591 they’ve for the present season, that’s, 1,631 much less as a mirrored image. of this lower in mom cows in 2020.

In Bañuelos' opinion, this momentary discount in provide within the RUCTL farms opens the door to a “logical possibility of an increase in the price of bullfights, which has been stagnant for many years despite the fact that the production costs of raising the bull have increased by forty percent since 2018.”

In a report supplied to the press, the livestock farmers affiliation qualifies this enhance in manufacturing costs in numerous gadgets, from the 150 % enhance in the price of forage to the 47 % enhance in diesel or 40 % within the feed, with none of this, they guarantee, having been compensated within the closing sale value of the bullfights.

Bañuelos and his administration group take into account that this lower in 2024 will most particularly have an effect on the second and third class locations, which might be compelled to arrange fewer bullfights or should resort to saying extra bullfights with out picadors, whereas the supply of erales – two-year-old steers – is, nonetheless, a lot larger than in different seasons, as breeding returns to regular in 2022.

During this informative breakfast, the administrators of the Union have reviewed the efforts carried out by the group over the last 4 years, centered on a number of factors: the pc modernization of farms, advances within the well being management of animals in opposition to bovine ailments and endemic in Spain similar to “bluetongue” or epizootic hemorrhagic fever and the “lobby” work to defend the pursuits of the combating bull in European boards.

Likewise, the granting by Felipe VI of the title of Royal to the group in 2022, when it was simply 117 years previous, the promotion of the consumption of bravo meat and ecotourism and the alliances with different associations within the sector have been highlighted. agrarian in protection of the agricultural setting and the native bovine breed with the best census in Spain. As for brand spanking new initiatives, the RUCTL board claims to be “very attentive” to the brand new and strict laws on animal transport which can be being developed by the European Commission, during which they wish to embody exceptions for bullfighting cattle as animals. “difficult to handle”.

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