Vox offers extra significance than the PP to cultural politics with a speech that assaults minorities, based on a examine | EUROtoday

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A examine of Joaquim Rios y Juan Pecourtresearchers from Sociologist and Social Anthropologist from University of Valencia (UV), and Juan Arturo Rubio (Antonio de Nebrija University) compares the cultural fashions of the PP and of Vox and concludes that Vox offers larger significance than PP in cultural coverage.

According to the article, printed within the journal International Journal of Cultural Policy, Vox It prioritizes conventional values ​​(bullfighting), opts for cultural confrontation (anti-Catalanism) like the intense proper within the United States and neglects up to date tradition and creators.

Furthermore, the examine signifies that the cultural proposal of Vox “contains novel elements such as the inversion of a vengeful discourse on minorities, making the socially dominated appear dominant”, an account of right-wing extremism that consists of populism in reverse, wherein the social dominants current themselves as dominated to assert its symbolic area, accumulate the UV it's an announcement.

This, based on the analysis, “gives Vox a supposedly transgressive language and image, when the reality is that its cultural politics is a reaction to the progress of feminism, the vindication of the rights of minorities or environmentalism in the context of a crisis of the Fordist model and the emergence of certain values. postmaterialists.

Along with a radicalization in the previous cultural authoritarian tendencies on the Spanish right, Vox introduce themes from there alt-right (the supposed cancel culture), as well as identity elements that represent traditional values ​​and do not question the dominant culture, some with a non-majority social acceptance, such as bullfighting.

“The predominant goal is the weakening of the rights of nationwide minorities and their academic and cultural autonomy, and the promotion of dominant Spanish nationalism all through the state territory with out exceptions, particularly in territories resembling Catalonia which have turned their cultural singularity into an emblem of nationwide id,” the researchers explain.

The Valencian case

In accordance with the previous approach, in the Valencian Communitywhere Vox manage at Ministry of Culture in the government shared with the PPCVthe study confirms how the far-right party tries to reverse the discourse of the Valencian minority that imposes, in its opinion, the Catalan theses, so that a debate surpassed by the majority once again appears fueled to legitimize the prevailing Spanish nationalism.

“In the 2 communities wherein Vox is accountable for tradition, Castile and Len and the Valencian Community, has directed its efforts to vindicate a observe in robust social debate, bullfighting, and to assault nationwide minorities; that’s, turning cultural coverage into an instrument of cultural conflict,” the researchers state.

Along these lines, they point out that, unlike other European far-right formations with historically anti-Muslim rhetoric, the discourse of Vox It does not especially focus on hatred of the culture of immigrants or against multiculturalism, but on the weakening of the rights of national minorities and their educational and cultural autonomy, and the promotion of dominant Spanish nationalism throughout the state territory without exceptions. .

This analysis is supported by the House of Human Sciences and Society of Tolouse (CNRS-University of Toulouse).