Why Joe Biden's Israel coverage might value him vital votes in Michigan | EUROtoday

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Joe Biden's drawback is not only his age. Many common voters flip away from him due to his unconditional assist for Israel. Especially Arab Americans, college students, blacks. A foray by means of the swing state of Michigan, the place Democrats and Republicans are holding their major election on Wednesday.

Merwan Beydoun has been working at Ford for nearly 30 years, like his father earlier than him and now his son. He has been within the union for nearly 30 years, most lately in a managerial place. He at all times voted Democratic, like his father, his son, his brothers. And he talked to his mates once they really thought of voting for Trump.

“I think Joe Biden is the best president we workers have ever had,” says Beydoun. “He even went on strike with us, with the UAW auto union, which no president has ever done. His policies are finally putting workers back in focus, through all the investments and infrastructure programs. I'm doing well. I'm making good money, $31 the hour.”