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All elected officers denounce the slumlords. Visiting Marseille in June 2023, Emmanuel Macron insisted that it was mandatory ” power [les] expropriate much more easily and in a more punitive manner”. The mayor (Printemps marseillais) of the Marseille city, Benoît Payan, wants “keep slumlords from sleeping”. These landlords who abuse their tenants, by renting unworthy accommodation at high prices, nevertheless continue to prosper, most often with complete impunity.

It is in an attempt to curb this poor housing industry that the senators decided to strengthen the bill on accelerating the renovation of degraded housing, examined in public session from Tuesday February 27. The text, already adopted by the National Assembly on January 23, provides new tools to support co-ownerships in difficulty and strengthens the arsenal to fight against slumlords.

France lists nearly 450,000 occupied homes considered unworthy, presenting risks to the health and safety of residents – half of which are inhabited by their owners, according to the Abbé Pierre Foundation. This, in its 2024 report on the state of poor housing, points out some signs of a growing scourge, as evidenced by the wave of “residential division” since the 2000s. “In more and more areas in tense areas, owners are dividing their house into two, four, six, eight small-sized dwellings, for a higher gain”she emphasizes.

Buy out slums for a pittance

According to a study by the regional and interdepartmental directorate of accommodation and housing of Seine-Saint-Denis, taken over by the foundation, in Neuilly-Plaisance, Gagny or Epinay-sur-Seine, more than a quarter of the supply new apartments over the period 2003-2013 was the result of divisions of individual houses, “proportion which even rises to 38% in Montfermeil”. Slum sellers are also rife in old city centers and, above all, in large run-down condominiums, where they buy up slums for a pittance that they rent again at a high price.

What do the senators have deliberate? In the Economic Affairs Committee, they notably adopted an modification permitting the making obtainable to municipalities, freed from cost, of products confiscated from slumlords. Another measure would permit, within the occasion of non-compliance with the “rental permit” (which sure municipalities can put in place to test the standard of housing), to pay the proceeds of the fines to the neighborhood.

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