Fox News host Jesse Watters rants about masculinity after Biden eats ice cream in public | EUROtoday

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Fox News host Jesse Watters was lampooned on social media for complaining about Joe Biden consuming an ice cream in public on Monday, saying it didn’t make the president look masculine.

The US president has been vehemently criticised for speaking concerning the Israel-Hamas warfare whereas consuming a cone of ice cream in New York City however Watters had a special bone to select with Mr Biden over his public act.

Mr Biden visited Van Leeuwen’s artisanal ice cream store after filming an look for Late Night With Seth Meyers when he was requested concerning the warfare in Gaza by reporters. He responded as he ate a mint chip ice cream.

While his actions have been described as “tone deaf” and “irresponsible” in gentle of the greater than four-months-long warfare that has ravaged Gaza, Watters’s criticism of Mr Biden centered on masculinity and the proper age for consuming ice cream.

“This ice cream – you know my rule about men eating soup in public. I don’t think it’s manly to go like that with the soup, and you’re blowing on it, it’s just not a good look,” said Watters, mimicking the act of spooning up soup. “I think the same thing for ice cream. You should save that for vacation.”

“A grown man – especially the president – should not be licking ice cream in public,” he added.

Watters also lashed out at Mr Biden for wearing black sunglasses during his appearance on the show. Mr Biden pulled out his sunglasses and wore them in a bid to mock a right-wing conspiracy theory after Mayers asked him about “Dark Brandon” meme.

The “Dark Brandon” is a cartoon meme of Mr Biden with purple lasers popping out of his eyes.

He drew laughter from the studio crowd as he placed on the black sun shades and mentioned: “No, I resent the hell out of it”.

During his present, Watters requested “Why are people clapping for sunglasses? What so funny about a grown man putting on sunglasses?”

Watters was in flip mocked on social media for his criticism of Mr Biden with many customers sharing pictures of former president Donald Trump consuming ice cream. Some additionally pointed to experiences of the previous president having fun with an ice cream in Mar-a-Lago when he was knowledgeable about Iranian common Qassem Suleimani’s assassination.

Justin Baragona, a reporter with DailyBeast, responded with an image of Watters consuming an ice cream cone.

The Biden administration has been criticised for its assist to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his actions in Gaza to wipe out Hamas. Last week, the US was criticised for vetoing a UNSC decision that known as for an instantaneous ceasefire in Gaza. US, as an alternative, proposed its personal decision for a short lived ceasefire “as soon as practicable”.

Washington has began calling for a ceasefire extra lately after Mr Biden’s coverage was adopted by protests within the nation in assist of Palestinian folks dying in Gaza.

“I hope by… the end of the weekend,” Mr Biden mentioned on the prospect of a creasefire. “My national security advisor tells me we’re close. We’re close. It’s not done yet. My hope is by next Monday, we’ll have a ceasefire,” he added.