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Ábalos admits that there have been issues about Koldo García that “catch his attention,” however he didn’t distinction his explanations

The former Minister of Transportation José Luis Ábalos has as soon as once more defended his honorability and his administration within the Ministry within the buy of medical provides through the pandemic, regardless of the outbreak of the Koldo case, which is investigating his former advisor Koldo García for the gathering of irregular commissions for the acquisition of masks. He has mentioned that there have been issues about his former advisor that “catch his attention” and that he requested her for explanations, however that he didn’t “contrast” these explanations that got to him. He has been very calm that the investigation of the case won’t have an effect on him and he has disassociated his dismissal as minister in 2021 from the case.

In an interview on RAC1 recorded a couple of hours in the past and broadcast this morning, Ábalos acknowledged, when requested if he harbored suspicions about Koldo García, that “there is always something that draws attention” and that he requested his subordinate for explanations. “Some were given to me, but I didn't contrast them,” he acknowledged. However, he factors out that, so far as his administration as minister is anxious, “everything is fine, there are no problems, everything is absolutely controlled and supervised.” He defined that the Court of Auditors analyzed the contracts twice and that the prosecutor now investigating the case additionally factors out that there are not any issues on the ministerial facet. “The thing is that a trusted man could have had part of commissions from intermediaries, from businessmen, not at the expense of public money, there is no loss to the public treasury,” he mentioned.

Despite this, he says, “it is impossible to focus the issue, with all the narratives we are hearing, very biased,” centered on presenting him as a part of a corrupt plot. Thus, he has reiterated that he’s not keen to take that blame. “I don't want to be stigmatized” by a case that he describes as “abuse of trust” by his former advisor.

In this sense, he has flatly denied that he was dismissed as minister by Sánchez in 2021 for this concern and has attributed the substitute to the “wear and tear” suffered by a few of those that accompanied Sánchez from the start of his profession within the PSOE and to a private state of affairs. that I needed to face. However, he has confirmed that he’ll proceed to vote in favor of the Government's initiatives and, particularly, he’ll achieve this in favor of the amnesty.

Finally, he has denounced that for the reason that case broke out he has been experiencing “persecution” by “pseudo media” that unfold “misinformation, intoxication” and that he has suffered “unpleasant things,” resembling persecution of his kids to “seek statements, pay them for interviews, look for secrets, look for their apartments to send photographers…” “The level of degradation” of those media is horrible, he denounced.