The fee agent who took 5.5 million “had a special pass” within the Ministry of Finance, in response to the decide | EUROtoday

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The primary fee agent within the buy of masks investigated by the National Court, Victor de Aldama, “had a 'special pass' at the Ministry of Transportation.” This is what the decide maintains Ismael Moreno within the order by which he imposes precautionary measures on the businessman Juan Carlos Cuetowhose firm Management Solutions It took greater than 52 million in public contracts, most of it coming from the ministry that José Luis Balos headed through the pandemic.

The decision examines the calls of this businessman intercepted by the Civil Guard. In a name final October to a different investigator, the decide extracted that data. “Observation of the telephone interventions shows that Aldama had a 'special pass' at MITMA,” says the teacher.

According to the Justice of the Peace, Aldama “would have influenced MITMA [Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda] so that the investigated contracts were awarded to Soluciones de Gestin, which generated a direct economic benefit of 5.5 M euros. This benefit was transferred to the Aldama companies.”

It goes on to clarify that the fee agent “had prior knowledge that MITMA needed to acquire EPIS [equipos de proteccin individual] for its dependent entities”, that Aldama “presented the offer” of Management Solutions” before the ministry and that “the choice” of that company controlled by Cueto “was adopted inside MITMA”.

The key businessman in the plot has maintained before the judge that the benefits for his company were much lower than those estimated by the Prosecutor's Office and that he did not pay commissions for receiving the award from the Central Administration.

Cueto explained this Wednesday before the magistrate that with these operations to purchase medical supplies he was not seeking to enrich himself, but rather he acted seeking the benefit of the Spaniards.

According to the person investigated in the operation in which Koldo García, advisor to former minister José Luis Balos, was arrested, his profits ranged between 10% and 13% of the turnover (52 million euros) because he incurred many expenses in the operation to bring the masks from China. He has also stated that the prices he gave to the administration were adjusted to the market.

The Anticorruption complaint estimates these profits at around 35% of the business and figures at 9.6 million what Soluciones de Gestin SL, controlled by Cueto, found out. The Prosecutor's Office adds that both Aldama and Koldo García received commissions.

Cueto has only responded to his defense's questions, alleging that, although the case is no longer secret, it has not yet been possible to access the proceedings. During the barely half hour of the appearance, in addition to the Anticorruption prosecutor, Vox and the PP, Vox and the PP were present in court as the prosecution.

The businessman has defended the correctness of his actions and has explained that in 2021 he commissioned an audit of the operations from KPMG that proves this.

At the end of the statement, the prosecutor Luis Pastor He has asked the judge to prohibit Cueto from leaving Spain without authorization from the court as the only precautionary measure. This is what Moreno has agreed to.

The businessman, therefore, has been released, as have the four investigated who appeared last week after his arrest (Koldo, his brother Joseba, Aldama and the businessman igo Rotaeche). Cueto appeared days later because he was out of the country when the Delorme operation.

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office filed the complaint for the contracts with the Ministry of Transportation, from which another was derived from the Ministry of the Interior. She is also investigating awards to the company controlled by Cueto by the governments of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. They were paid for with European funds, so the actions of the regional executives have passed into the hands of the European Prosecutor's Office.