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Read the brand new novel by Javier Gallego (Madrid, 49 years previous), alias Raw, it's like being drugged. A bunch of associates, who’re dangerously ceasing to be younger, undergo a protracted weekend, a string of Madrid nights and mornings, events, loves, tensions and hangovers, in a time that’s turning into distant: the weekend. wherein the 15-M citizen protest motion ignited in May 2011. A couple of weeks in the past the tenth anniversary of the founding of Podemos was celebrated (that’s to say): that is nonetheless additional away.

A frenetic journey of medication, music and playing dens, of uncontrolled breath. The writer says that one of many first individuals who learn his novel described the guide as a combination of History's half The crown by Jose Ángel Mañas and The Jarama by Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio (there’s a latest reissue in Cátedra), handed by means of the sieve of The Stake by Lluís Llach. There are those that see sordidness on this textual content, there are those that see nostalgia, there are those that see poetry… There is all this in The fall of the empire (Random House).

Ask. Raw afternoons. It may appear that the novel is about 15-M. But not a lot.

Answer. The demonstration of that day seems as a result of it’s the founding reality of a era, the catharsis after the disaster. What I need to inform is the political, social and private context of these years by means of a gaggle of associates. It is a novel of characters.

P. And the manifestation seems little, and on the finish.

R. Yes, two gears happen in parallel. The march of those that are after in a home and those that take part within the march coverage. This dilemma between evasion and actuality is proven: I believe it’s a era that has moved between these poles. Hedonism and dedication. The flight and the confrontation.

Javier Gallego 'Crudo', at one point in the interview.
Javier Gallego 'Crudo', at one level within the interview.Samuel Sanchez

Crudo receives in his model new premises on the northern border of the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, on a nook the place there was very lately a musical instrument retailer: there are nonetheless those that cease by in search of violin strings. But it's one thing else: there’s a radio studio, a relaxed workplace space, within the again a kitchen with a eating desk, with its checkered tablecloth. On the partitions, colourful posters of his actions and different pleasant actions. Cool. Here it’s finished Raw meat, the long-running radio venture (it has been broadcast since 2008) supported by the charges of its listeners, by its dwell occasions and a few exterior productions. If potential.

The 15-M was, the truth is, necessary for Raw meat, who went from dedicating himself to different tradition to experiencing a better inclination in the direction of a political aspect that, in any other case, was all the time current. Gallego inspired the motion of the indignant from the airwaves, with out hesitation and with enthusiasm. This rising politicization led to his departure from Radio 3 and his journey by means of different media till he arrived, by means of the Ondas Award, to this independence of which they’re very proud right here: the Independent Republic of Radio.

P. Is this a generational novel?

R. I don't consider it. José Ángel Mañas wrote History's half The crown when he was in his twenties, and conveys what the youth of the time is like. I’ve been scripting this for eight years, when I’m already over forty. It is a novel that displays on youth, however looking back.

P. They say that you just solely notice what it’s to be younger if you cease being younger.

R. It's true. And these characters somewhat refuse to cease being younger, as occurs to a number of generations now. But not just for hedonism: it’s unattainable to cease being younger if you proceed to rely in your mother and father and grandparents, when it’s troublesome to emancipate your self or have kids. It just isn’t all the time a desired everlasting youth. Of course, many people are previous and we nonetheless costume in youthful and rock garments.

Javier Gallego 'Crudo', in the studio of 'Carne raw'.
Javier Gallego 'Crudo', within the studio of 'Carne uncooked'.Samuel Sanchez

Los peter panes de Gallego, the basic bars of Madrid at evening are visited: the Sala Sol (the place, this Wednesday, by the way in which, the guide was introduced with a dramatized studying and a gathering of Crudo's previous group, Forastero), the Wurlitzer, the Vía Láctea or the a lot missed Temple of the Cat. For those that weren’t in Rock-Ola within the 80s, one other Movida of the numerous that there’s and has been in Madrid and which isn’t talked about as a lot is recreated right here. The type of the guide collaborates with the sound and fury of the evening and drunkenness, and is paying homage to his earlier poetic works comparable to The scream within the sky o Abolition of the demise penalty (each printed by Arrebato); and to his radio editorials. Raw is Raw.

A really sensorial, very visceral, very sonorous poetics; which additionally replicates some components of linguistic avant-garde, very to this to seize the drug expertise. Or the situationist adventures of a few of the characters, who’ve a gaggle of radical and poetic creative contestation within the vein of Adbusters or The Yes Men. Poetry can also be seen in references, veiled or not, to Jaime Gil de Biedma, Ted Hughes or William Carlos Williams. And music and sound drips all over the place, not in useless Crudo is a radio participant, musician and poet: a person who listens.

P. He undergroundwhich is now not identified if there’s.

R. There nonetheless being underground: younger musicians who make music with few means. The distinction is that now it isn’t out of conviction: individuals search to emulate the millionaire rapper. Before you might be a sellout, now you need to promote your self. We dwell in a showcase period, the networks encourage you to be identified, influential, to have followers. Before, the status was to be off the radar, now it’s to be on the middle of the radar.

P. One of its characters, Juan Cuervo, is arrested for promoting medicine… and is the son of a socialist gyrfalcon.

R. The 15M era has been marked by generational battle. With the particularity that progressive mother and father, not conservatives, who had betrayed that discourse, have been known as to account. What had occurred to the Welfare State once we have been going to dwell worse and worse? It was seen as a deception, when an honest life was promised if one studied a level. In the guide, the daddy claims a Transition that was finished as greatest it may, however the son criticizes it as unfinished and battered.

P. 15-M began then, then issues occurred as they occurred and now we’re right here. How are we?

R. We are in a political second that has to do with the closing of a generational life cycle. It has left many individuals disenchanted as a result of if you aspire to every thing and also you keep midway… But life is the administration of expectations and if we take into consideration what has modified, it’s a lot. Without that, plurality wouldn’t exist, the visibility of discourses outdoors of the hegemonic or the mind-set in regards to the nation and the system in lots of elements.

All the tradition that goes with you awaits you right here.



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