Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens sexually assaulted a toddler, report reveals | EUROtoday

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The report concluded that his unexplained disappearance ought to have been thought-about a warning signal when he was being vetted to hitch the Metropolitan Police.

In addition, there have been vetting failures when Couzens utilized to hitch each the CNC and the Met.

He managed to masks his determined monetary state and the very fact he was so in debt that he had entered an Individual Voluntary Arrangement so as to keep away from chapter, which might have prevented him becoming a member of the police.

Presenting her findings, Lady Elish mentioned: “The evidence seen by the inquiry has shown that failures in recruitment and vetting meant Couzens was able to continue a policing career which should have been denied to him.

“Failures investigations into allegations of indecent exposure meant opportunities to disrupt Couzens’ offending and bring his policing career to a halt were missed.” She went on: “The fact remains three separate police forces allowed him the privilege of being a police officer when they could and should have stopped him.”

Responding to the inquiry report, Ms Everard’s mother and father, Sue and Jeremy, and siblings, Katie and James Everard, mentioned in an announcement: “It is obvious Wayne Couzens should never have been a police officer. Whilst holding a position of trust, in reality he was a serial sex offender. Warning signs were overlooked throughout his career and opportunities to confront him were missed. We believe Sarah died because he was a police officer – she would never have got into a stranger’s car.”

The household additionally known as for all of the suggestions to be made forthwith, including: “We cannot get Sarah back, but positive changes give hope for the future and will be of benefit to others.”

Ms Everard was 33 when she vanished in Clapham, south-west London, on the best way residence from a good friend’s home.