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Beatriz Magro, as her mom advised her, “God came to see” when in 2016 she tried that fermented tea-based drink: “I felt that kombucha was what I had to do in the world.” That second of windfall got here to her in California, the primary cease on a visit across the globe that she had begun shortly earlier than with a backpack and 16,000 euros. She intertwined her touring journey along with her enterprise journey, which her greatest buddy and co-founder, Nuria Morales, and her mom, Milagros Nogales, additionally launched into, and about three months after returning, in March 2017, the corporate she imagined turned actuality. actuality.

California was the place to begin. “Already in that first stage I went to see a kombucha factory,” he remembers. Along the way in which, slightly additional south, her greatest buddy, a chemical engineer, additionally turned his associate. Morales went to see her whereas she was in Bolivia and so they traveled collectively for just a few weeks: “That's when I convince her to come back and start working on our recipe,” recollects the CEO.

On the journey, the co-founder introduced the concept along with her, however left her financial savings behind. She says that she returned with 1,500 euros, which was what every member needed to contribute to determine the corporate. Shortly after settling in a “corner” of a warehouse in her Extremaduran city, Fregenal de la Sierra, they requested for a mortgage from Magro’s then husband, Daniel Romero-Abreu, who later turned the “first investor” of Magro. she.

In May 2017 they went to their speedy environment looking for financing. “They were family and friends to whom we said: 'We are going to do everything we can to make this go well, but you could lose the money you are going to leave us.' Because obviously we didn't have a guy,” recalls this almost 37-year-old woman from Extremadura. “They became our first investors and are still with us today,” she adds.

The company's first payroll was in the name of Milagros Nogales: “She had always been a housewife, she completely renounced her life to raise her three children, and in Komvida she found her first job opportunity.” The company employs about a hundred people, of whom around 80%, according to the co-founder, are rural women, a commitment in which two key pillars of its project converge: the creation of wealth in this type of environments and the generation of opportunities for women.

Market share

Seven years later, Komvida has more than 50% market share, a turnover of around 12 million euros and has been profitable since the third year. “We are a sustainable company, with very good ebitda [beneficio de explotación]”says Magro. “We have not left our minds without thinking about profitability and without thinking that this, above all, has to be sustainable.” Their chubby bottles reach consumers through 14,500 distribution points and online sales, where they also have a subscription model.

Its main market is national, but like Magro in its day, its products are landing in other latitudes. In addition to continuing to grow and consolidate in Spain, they also want to gain continental leadership: “Continue creating wealth in rural environments, not only in Fregenal, but exporting this, and generating opportunities among women, who are pillars as important as that of take our kombucha throughout Europe.” At the moment they have a presence in Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, although it still represents a very small part of their turnover. The goal, as far as numbers are concerned, is to exceed 50 million in turnover and 10 million in EBITDA in 2028.

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