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People take part in a demonstration demanding “truth and reparation” for the victims of chlordecone, in Fort-de-France, October 28, 2023.

The cussed mobilization of victims' associations and abroad elected officers made it potential to have the National Assembly undertake, on Thursday February 29, the proposed socialist legislation on the popularity of the State's duty within the chlordecone scandal within the Antilles. The textual content, defended by the Guadeloupe deputy Elie Califer (obvious socialist), was voted with 100 votes, together with 95 from the ranks of the left (4 from the National Rally and one from these not registered), the bulk and the precise having known as for abstention.

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In Guadeloupe and Martinique, departments with a file price of prostate most cancers and the place 90% of the inhabitants bear traces of the pesticide banned since 1993, the topic has for years fueled a deep distrust of the populations vis-à-vis the State. “The symbol is great, the text is a step towards the healing of two populations who have suffered for too long”agreed Maud Petit (MoDem, Val-de-Marne).

For the Califer rapporteur, “the responsibility of the State is not debated”. There was, he remembers, the popularity by Emmanuel Macron in 2018 of a “environmental scandal” and a “collective blindness”. “The State has its share of responsibility”, declared the Head of State in Martinique. In 2019, a parliamentary fee of inquiry utterly dissected the case, and thought of that the State was the “primary responsible”.

Justice, for its half, acknowledged “culpable negligence”, regardless of the painful and misunderstood dismissal pronounced initially of 2023 on this case opened particularly for “poisoning” and “endangering the lives of others”. “As with the harkis in 2022, the government must recognize that it was wrong and enter into a real process of repair”pleaded the MP.

An extended debate

The majority, in unison with the Les Républicains occasion, however refused to open this path by arguing for “set of responsibilities” shared with native elected officers and West Indian financial gamers. “The State recognizes its full share of responsibility in the delivery of these products. But there were responsibilities in the manufacture, use”, said the Minister Delegate for Overseas, Marie Guévenoux.

Issued by the Paris judicial court on January 2, 2023, the dismissal order on the chlordecone criminal case exposed the lobbying of the main group of planters (Sicabam), chaired by Yves Hayot, who convinced the State to prolong the product. The investigation also highlighted the lies of two agriculture ministers, Louis Mermaz (in office from 1990 to 1992) and Jean-Pierre Soisson (1992-1993) who claimed not to know. The procedure established that a large stock of the pesticide was the subject of illicit sales after its ban and that“between 1993 and 2000, the question of stock control was hidden by state services”.

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