Vladimir Putin warns NATO that the results of sending troops to Ukraine shall be “tragic” | EUROtoday

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Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned he warns NATO that the results of sending troops to Ukraine shall be “tragic.” In addition to mentioning that Russia has “weapons that can reach its territory.”

In his annual speech to Parliament he calls accusations that Moscow is contemplating attacking Europe “nonsense.”

“They have begun to talk about the possibility of sending NATO military contingents to Ukraine, but we remember the fate of those who once sent troops to the territory of our country. But now the consequences for possible interventionists will be much more tragic,” Putin mentioned through the state of the nation tackle to each homes of the Russian Parliament.

These phrases consult with the statements of French President Emmanuel Macron, who on Monday instructed that sending troops to Ukraine shouldn’t be dominated out.

Russia must reinforce its western army district now that Sweden and Finland have joined NATORussian President Vladimir Putin declared on Thursday. Finland has a protracted land border with northwestern Russia. Putin additionally mentioned that anybody who tried to invade Russia would face harsher penalties than in World War IIas a result of the nation now had weapons that would hit targets in enemy territory.

Continuing with the threatening tone assured NATO nations that they danger a nuclear battle in the event that they ship troops to Ukraine, and added that Russia should reinforce its western army district after the admission of Finland and Sweden into the Atlantic alliance.

The United States and key European allies mentioned this week that they didn’t plan to ship floor troops to Ukraine, after France hinted on the chance.

The Russian chief mentioned he’ll do all the pieces potential to finish the warfare in Ukraine and eradicate Nazism within the neighboring nation. “It was not Russia that started the war in the Donbs, but we will do everything to end it, eradicate Nazism and meet the objectives of the special military operation (in Ukraine),” mentioned the Russian chief

“Our units firmly maintain the initiative. They are advancing safely in a number of areas and liberating more and more territories,” he introduced.

Putin additionally highlighted the fight expertise acquired by Moscow troops through the two years of warfare and requested lawmakers to look at a minute of silence for the Russian troopers killed within the warfare. In addition, he assured that assist for the warfare marketing campaign in society continues to be the bulk.

“When the Fatherland defends its sovereignty and security, protects the lives of its compatriots in Donbs and Novorossa, the decisive role in this just struggle belongs to Russian citizens, their unity, dedication to their native country and responsibility for its destiny. “, he said.

In parallel with Putin's speech, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed its each day report wherein it reported the “improvement of positions” of its troops additionally in southern Ukraine.

In a extra conciliatory tone, the president additionally indicated his willingness to speak with the United States about strategic stability, however rejected any try and pressure Russia to interact in talks.

During his speech, Putin mentioned that Russia had used superior weapons techniques, together with Zircon hypersonic missiles, and maintained the army benefit in Ukraine.