An affiliation of prosecutors requests the resignation of García Ortiz for “dignity of the institution” after the setback of the Supreme Court | EUROtoday

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The Professional and Independent Association of Prosecutors (APIF) has requested this Friday the resignation of the State Attorney General, Alvaro Garca Ortiz, for “dignity of the institution.” In an announcement, this group highlights that the decision of the Supreme Court, the place it’s agreed to open a prison case in opposition to former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, for crimes of terrorism in relation to Democratic Tsunami, reveals “an action by the State Attorney General that discredits seriously to the Public Prosecutor's Office as an institution”.

“The position maintained by the Public Ministry, in a relevant procedure, has been unanimously disavowed by the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court,” provides the APIF, which emphasizes that “no position, in a democratic system, can be maintained in the exercise of its office.” “function when, in such a relevant matter, it is totally unauthorized by the highest jurisdictional authority of a country.”

In the order notified yesterday, the High Court overturned the factors of the lieutenant prosecutor of the TS, the progressive Ángeles Sánchez-Condewho didn’t admire proof in opposition to the fugitive from processes. Sánchez-Conde, in his report, had in flip distanced himself from the trail marked by a overwhelming majority of High Court prosecutors who did see indicators of terrorism in opposition to the Junts chief. The truth of each uncommon level, and which in flip demonstrates the magnitude of the blow dealt to the lieutenant and her boss García Ortiz, is that the Supreme Court referred to the opinion of the Criminal Prosecutors of the Supreme Court to open a case for the fugitive.

Furthermore, the ultimate ruling issued by the Public Prosecutor's Office was preceded by monumental controversy because of the shocking change of opinion of the prosecutor assigned to tell Puigdemont, lvaro Redondoas this newspaper revealed.

“The management of the Public Prosecutor's Office demands a level in the exercise of its function that is incompatible with the setback received. The Public Prosecutor's Office cannot expose itself, not even one more minute, to this chain of discredit to which the actions of the prosecutor are leading us.” normal”, emphasizes the APIF.

In the statement, this association also highlights that “the case turns into extra severe contemplating that the Board of Prosecutors of the Supreme Court, by a big majority (eleven to 4), maintained the place of understanding that the reasoned exposition of the Investigating Judge of the National Court contained adequate parts to think about that the information investigated may very well be included within the crime of terrorism and that, as well as, there have been indications to think about Puigdemont liable for them.

Criterion set in 2020

Furthermore, within the order, the Chamber highlighted that it was Dolores Delgado herself, when she was lawyer normal of the State, who collected within the The 2020 Fiscal Report that inside sure sectors of the independence motion, mobilizations progressively elevated and outlined the totally different dynamics, particularly via the Democratic Tsunami and the makes an attempt to paralyze the Barcelona airport and the assaults on public and police buildings, when analyzing the violent Catalan independence motion. .

Regarding this level, the APIF emphasizes that “the Supreme Court not only bases its resolution on jurisprudence referring to events that have been considered terrorism but also cites the Report of the Attorney General's Office for the year 2020 in which the Public Prosecutor's Office established the facts referred to in the reasoned presentation of the Investigating Judge as falling within the crime of terrorism. Departing now from what was maintained four years ago should have had a very solid legal basis for it to find justification. The disavowal of the Supreme Court “It makes it clear that there isn’t a foundation to deviate from the factors that was established in 2020.”

Tax sources consulted by THE WORLD They highlight that in the face of such “discredit”, the lieutenant prosecutor should resign since “she has made a idiot of herself not solely earlier than all her subordinates but in addition earlier than the authorized neighborhood.” The same sources regret the “put on and tear” that the Public Prosecutor's Office is suffering with Álvaro García Ortiz at the helm “for bending to the pursuits of the Government.”