Before the National Assembly, the employees and stars of CNews and C8 defend their editorial line and plead “errors or blunders” | EUROtoday

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Pascal Praud, Sonia Mabrouk and Laurence Ferrari, before their hearing before the commission of inquiry of the National Assembly, in Paris, February 29, 2024.

This debate exasperates them. “ Receiving us for a complete day of listening to when TF1, Altice, NRJ Group or M6 had been there for 2 hours on common calls into query the impartiality of your work”, Maxime Saada, the chairman of the board of directors of the Canal+ group, immediately expressed concern to the deputies of the commission of inquiry into the allocation, content and control of authorizations for digital terrestrial television (DTT). “It’s an indictment more than a question,” has several times remarked Serge Nedjar, the boss of CNews, annoyed by the criticisms of parliamentarians. “A real Stalinist trial”summarizes one of the other barons of the channel, coming out of a morning of fairly tense questions and answers.

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But lastly, right here they’re, these leaders and stars of the Bolloré media who, for a number of years, have fueled the political hubbub, browsing from the id obsessions of Eric Zemmour to the settling of scores of Cyril Hanouna. Fifteen of them got here to carry these roughly 9 hours of listening to all through the day. “ A Mexican army »quipped the commission's rapporteur, Aurélien Saintoul (La France insoumise, Hauts-de-Seine).

But the stakes are high. While Arcom must reallocate, in a few months, the fifteen TNT frequencies, the Bolloré media are in the sights. They are all the more so since on February 13, the Council of State asked Arcom to re-examine CNews' compliance with its obligations in terms of pluralism. Supporting the criticism made of Vincent Bolloré's channel for only composing sets that clearly lean towards the extreme right.

“Vincent Bolloré, I almost never meet him”

The group therefore rushed to follow one another in front of the fifteen deputies present, the big bosses of Canal+, CNews and C8 as well as three of its headliners, Pascal Praud, Sonia Mabrouk and Laurence Ferrari. On March 13 and 14, the parliamentary committee will also hear Vincent Bolloré himself, then Cyril Hanouna. This is to ensure that CNews and C8 are not just opinion channels serving the reactionary ideology of their owner. And to respond to the parliamentarians of the committee present, half of whom (almost always elected representatives of the RN or the Republicans) have already frequented its sets while the other half (elected Renaissance or Nupes) loudly refuse to set foot there.

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It was first on Maxime Saada, the chairman of the board of administrators of the Canal+ group, that the hearth of questions from the fee opened, together with a number of members – similar to Laurent Jacobelli and Philippe Ballard (Rassemblement nationwide), Karl Olive (Les Républicains ) or Aymeric Caron (app. LFI) – are former journalists or audiovisual executives:

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