Europe braces for US elections: Is the EU prepared for President Trump 2.0? | EUROtoday

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The spectre of a second Donald Trump presidency is stalking America. Depending on whom you consider, the world’s greatest superpower is both sleepwalking into dictatorship, or everybody simply wants to relax out. Eight months earlier than the US presidential election, there are numerous unknowns. But America is rife with dystopian warnings that Trump’s return would spell the final rites of American democracy. Europeans, in the meantime, are bracing for the influence of a President Trump “2.0”. Trump’s hints that he would possibly pull the US out of NATO – or encourage Russia to assault allies who do not pay their justifiable share to the alliance – have led some to ask “is Europe ready?” So is it? Can Europe “Trump-proof” itself? And does it must? We delve into these questions with two MEPs.

Programme ready by Perrine Desplats, Isabelle Romero, Sophie Samaille and Agnès Le Cossec