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The PP requires the resignation of Armengol for endorsing the corporate within the Koldo case after receiving faulty masks

The deputy secretary of Territorial Organization of the PP, Carmen Fúnez, has requested the resignation of the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, whose state of affairs they think about “unsustainable” attributable to her involvement within the Koldo case, the corruption scandal over the acquisition of masks in the course of the pandemic to the plot of Koldo García, former advisor to former Minister of Transportation José Luis Ábalos. The PP requests the resignation of the third authority of the State based mostly on journalistic data that affirms that as president of the Balearic Islands she endorsed the great work of the corporate within the plot months after it offered her a batch of masks that turned out to be faulty.
In an interview on RNE, Fúnez mentioned that “it is unsustainable that the third authority of the State is tainted and implicated by a plot that grows day by day.” It has been based mostly on the “news that we are getting to know” to affirm that the Balearic Government “bought masks without a contract, drafting it after the fact, and when they saw that the masks were defective, they withdrew them, but two months later they signed a guarantee saying that the company Koldo provided good service in medical supplies.” “We are talking about lies, bites on an issue that involved the protection of the health of all Spaniards,” he defined.
He has additionally criticized that, even though the Armengol Government claimed 2.6 million from the scheme for these faulty masks, it did so “the day he was leaving, when a new Government arrived”, that of the PP after the 28M elections, and three years after receiving the faulty order, when you could possibly have accomplished so “immediately after” receiving it.
Regarding the accusation of terrorism that the Supreme Court launched on Thursday towards the previous Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, he mentioned that he believes that the Government and Junts will approve the amnesty, regardless of that accusation, which “strengthens the rule of law, in his opinion. “They will do everything possible to get it approved, now with more effort due to the weakness of Pedro Sánchez, with even greater concessions to the independentists, but applying it is complicated, because it will not comply with the Constitution or European laws.” In this sense, Fúnez has been satisfied that the Constitutional Court, on her day, “will overthrow the rule.”