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No one critically doubts that Lieutenant Le Pen was tortured through the Algerian War. But the good advantage of Fabrice Riceputi's guide, Le Pen and torture. Algiers 1957, historical past in opposition to oblivion (The Stowaway, 144 pages, 17 euros), is to convey collectively for the primary time this implacable file, to which The world took his half.

Jean-Marie Le Pen has not all the time denied it. “We received a police mission and we accomplished it, according to an imperative of efficiency which requires illegal means…, he said in May 1957, in the middle of the battle of Algiers. If it is necessary to use violence to discover a nest of bombs, if it is necessary to torture one man to save a hundred, torture is inevitable, and therefore, in the abnormal conditions in which we are asked to act, it is just. »

A young Poujadist deputy, he did it again a month later in the National Assembly, and became even more specific on November 9, 1962. The war was over and impunity guaranteed by an amnesty, he declared to the newspaper Combat : ” I have nothing to hide. I tortured because I had to. » He will then publish a soft denial in the newspaper.

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The president of the National Front then always contested it, and he won all his defamation cases until 2000. Over the years, however, the revelations accumulate. In July 1984, Louis-Marie Horeau, in The chained Duckcollects stories from victims, then Release front page headline, February 12, 1985, “Tortured by Le Pen”. Lionel Duroy and Joëlle Stolz publish the detailed account of 5 victims and their ordeal. One of them recounts the abstract execution of a prisoner dedicated earlier than his eyes by Lieutenant Le Pen.

Amnestied and prescribed facts

The following March 20, Release publishes a new testimony, that of Mohamed Moulay, whose father was tortured and killed in front of him in his own home. He shows Lionel Duroy a dagger that Lieutenant Le Pen lost during that night in March 1957. A Hitler Youth dagger, which bears the inscription on its blade “JM Le Pen 1st REP”.

But the leader of the FN says he is the victim of “scheme” and systematically pursues newspapers. He plays on velvet: the facts are amnestied and prescribed. Le Pen, beside himself, says about Mohamed Moulay, during a trial recounted later by the journalist from World Florence Beaugé: “I would have done better to kill this one with his father that famous night. »

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Duck And Libé had been acquitted in 1985, however convicted on enchantment the next 12 months. The courtroom considers, based mostly on the denial despatched to Combatthat Jean-Marie Le Pen “never claimed to have personally carried out torture”a choice confirmed in cassation in 1989. He additionally convicted the journalist Michel Polac and his former parachutist comrade Jean-Maurice Demarquet, who claimed to have additionally, like Le Pen, tortured Algerians.

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